THE NEMESIS RETURNS | Resident Evil 3 - Part 1

Objavljeno 3. apr. 2020
Resident Evil 3 Remake is HERE! And following the trend of excellent remakes, this one starts off with a BANG! And a NEMESIS!!

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  • Mark has the truly incredible impressions of the characters and the gameplay’s commentary is on the whole other level in the comparison of the other let’s players with the astoundingly impressive attention to the details and the incredible aiming skills with the original plot and the walkthrough of the Jill Valentine’s campaign in one of the most fascinating horrors to ever exist in the industry! Thanks for the incredible walkthrough on your SLflow Channel!

  • I love how Mark forgot Carlos' name and proceeded to call him Big E for the rest of the series

  • 36:00 bob???

  • Can someone tell me why Mark call Carlos Big E?

  • Todays " Umbrella corp" is probably Phizer

  • Correct me if I'm wrong, but basically Resident evil 3 is pretty much how Resident evil apocalypse should've went.

  • Nemesis is over powered i think. I think so far this is the hardest resident evil. It's like impossible to get away from him.

  • The Umbrella Corp of our generation today is Joe Biden and the Democrats

  • At 1:35 this guy looks like Ethan

  • *creature wakes up at the beginning of the game* Oh great, they brought back the tyrant didn’t they

  • Resident evil 3 is so good!!

  • Mark your mum is adorable 🥺

  • the Umbrella of today is clearly politics.

  • This gave gets shit for not being longer, and I can see that it could maybe be another hour long, but I think it's a nice length for a small concept game.

  • 1:12:57 sound like song 2 brue woo hoo

  • I like Ethan and Leon

  • is this the women from resident evil 2

  • I love your resident evil I'm at resident evil 3 part one I finished part 1 and 2

  • This game has a better horror experience than most horror movies

  • The Umbrella Corporation of today. Oh Ithats China

  • Umbrella corp of today-- Johnson & Johnson

  • .

  • The first minute of the intro did not age well....

  • 41:10 mark be lagging

  • Carlos sound like and looks like Chris

  • Markiplier having the singing abilities of an angel 52:52

  • carlos reminds me of chris pratt

  • Tesla is umbrella

  • What play it’s for play that game

  • 😷

  • This reminds me of 2020 so much the virus riots a vaccine... yeah.... what a crazy world

  • Redstone street station. minecraft reffrence?

  • Modern day umbrella 🤔 - either Disney or China.

  • Every zombie apocalypse game movie what ever it is the military is useless as fuck. No hard feelings to the actually military. It's a joke so don't get offended

  • 49:44 Satan imitating a siren??

  • This should really be titled: Markiplier envies Carlos' hair for an hour

  • I'm surprised Markiplier knew about the Rona 9 months ago

  • 1:08:10 you've heard it from the man himself. You gotta woomy If any of you uncultured swine played splatoon at all im proud of you for making it this far

  • 25:15

  • "Resident Evil 3: Nemesis" was my first "Resident Evil" game, and it holds a special place in my heart. The remake did not do it justice by any means, especially in regards to Nemesis himself. This dull brute has nothing on the relentless murdermachine of the original. But, I trust in Mark's ability to turn anything entertaining.

  • Jill's ribs should have exploded based on the amount of times it's atoms split XD

  • Carlos looks like Rambo, change my mind

  • i just noticed the blanket fort in the background and i’m in love

  • He Yay what do you know about What’s going on with you stupid auto

  • Yes, okay, but: did you ever end up studying the Korean!?

  • The umbrella corp of our universe is Johnson & johnson

  • “I shouldn’t even bother saving gunpowder” Mark, playing the RE2 remake: “Heresy”

  • Her ribs are gonna hurt like hell if it keeps up

  • Markiplier rule no 1 : use 15 bullets where only 5 are needed Rule 2 : never ever stop freaking TALKING ! Rule 3 : Save even if you have saved at same place 8 times Rule 4 ( the most important for markiplier ): play like the most dumb human on earth

  • I seen you three by the loser coaster by Rolex see by the Coca-Cola by Roblox call Roblox call the Roblox

  • Hcc

  • jeff bazos

  • Google is umbrella corp (i just hate google)

  • Isuw

  • Markiplier I don't have any more puns and I'm over here like your quite large now have some charge

  • 2:28 Jews

  • "This pandemic is spreading faster than any in modern history-" This video did not age well.

  • you kinda look like carlos tbh

  • 29:07 Mark: I am the greatest! Also Mark: missing shots as he says he’s the greatest

  • ASMR

  • 1:17:26🤨

  • 2:37 I think it would be Tesla bro with how Elon musk is with his creations he would def do kt

  • Broke my heart to see him miss the supply cases for fighting nemesis lol

  • 2:34 the Republican Party the which is filled with the most vile people

  • ujb

  • yummy

  • lsvzzjndndnvsn

  • "Im gonna blow you all" ~Mark 1 year ago

  • 1:05:33

  • Hold on why does Carlos look a bit like mark🤔 but with longer hair and beard

  • china crop

  • ugh mark calling jill pretty exactly replicates how i feel about her

  • haha, remember when this game was actually about zombies? Yeah...hi from 2021

  • 1:09:11 As someone who has been in theater classes for years…. I felt that

  • Am I only one who thinks it is fun to do Russian accent

  • Hi momkaplier

  • i remember brad vickers from a poster in RE2

  • 2:30 Elon Musk

  • Sheeeeesh

  • Casahamida mark

  • Dino bites

  • 1:07

  • 1:07

  • Mark, a four year old could aim better than you.

  • The beginning video didnt age well

  • Anyone else here because of dbd

  • Lol this beginning episode should’ve been called MY RIBS!

  • When nemesis was waiting out there is like when you had to get ready to go play with your friends outside


  • Okay wait hold on a second here so you're telling me you ass hats were sitting here on your assess waiting for Jill to get the train up and running and plotting the route when you could have been doing maintenance that entire time to ensure that if and when it was ready you could have left ASAP I aught to kick all of you ass hats in the balls for that are you kidding me!

  • Yeah it's best if you don't think about it too much cause game logic doesn't make any logical sense.


  • 1:17:18 omg hi singing 😂😂🤣🤣

  • If nothing else, this was worth watching just for momiplier

  • The next bulb iteratively communicate because pig suggestively dam amidst a meaty report. striped, noxious jacket

  • I’m a governor I’m another knuckle Venya

  • Nemesis is now in dead by daylight

  • Ii love that mark made a wanes world reference... although I don’t think it was intentional... If you were wondering what the reference was, he Said “game on!!” Exactly how they would say it when they played hokey in the street...

  • Maybe eating spaghetti wasn't the best idea

  • 54:00