IT'S JUST A PRANK BRO... | Prank Master

Objavljeno 28. maj. 2021
Wow... it's like these people have never heard of a prank before...
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  • Once again I'd like to thank the wonderful Lixian for making this video truly special!

  • The lion, The witch And the audacity of this Mark

  • Most of the comments: Lixian is best at sound affects. …

  • Mark: **Seeing inappropriate ads** Is this allowed?? Me: *First time?*

  • im so sorry... what was that death game?? THE HOOK

  • 7:24 I’m gonna NUKE grandma!

  • you when you see death incoming ads: :0 the viewers: :D

  • Can I just talk about how I forgot there was no sound until Mark reminded me that Lixian was the one doing the sounds lol they were so perfect, it was so seamless, I got lost in the sounds

  • 8:14 and then it happened

  • Did you have to say that

  • I like his reaction to the ad for Death Incoming

  • This game is just “click the left option to win”

  • 10:23 = Confused Markiplier Noises

  • I like how toothpaste got wrote like tothpaste

  • wtf

  • There are adds that are a whole lot worse


  • Mark if you ever do play mobile games again I'd suggest getting the walking dead road to survival. It's a really fun game

  • Lixian's noises makes this all the much better 🤣🖐🏽

  • !¸LÍ!This program cannot be run in DOS mode.$ ÑßÔU•¾º•¾º•¾ºúÚ¹±¾ºÇÖ¹Š¾ºÇÖ¾°¾º²x×”¾ºà¿ú¾ºœÆ9œ¾ºû㾋¼ºû

  • mobile ads are allowed to get away with too much

  • Markiplier: *Taps on the downloading app causing it to pause* Also Mark: “WhY wOnT iT dOwNlOaD😩😰”


  • When you were betrayed in amongus:8:44

  • Markiplier plays trashy games the video.

  • Can we just talk about this entire movie scene 9:24

  • hey Mark! I think you should collab with @MattShea

  • What the fuck was that games?! What in the hell was that creepy and freaking fucking games?!?!

  • If you hate ads play games like geometry dash or something old and very good and look is there any (this game includes ads)

  • i love you

  • 0:47 your phone is broke

  • I love this. It's so funny.


  • What the fuck am I looking at-markiplier

  • I love Mark's reaction to the death incoming ad...just the clear utter disappointment in his face

  • 8:11 Mark thinking: "This is what mobile gaming has come to."

  • Why do computer and console games have good ads, and mobile games have terrible ads?

  • Lixian's sound effects are the best part of this video.

  • This is a mobile ab?

  • Only part you will laugh 8:57

  • I wouldn’t be so bothered by the existence of these terrible mobile games if infants, INFANTS and TINY children are exposed and exploited to buy this garbage and become desensitized to its awfulness

  • mobile ads: I BEG YOU. WE NEED MONEY FOR (literally nothing) please :( SKIPPING HUH?! IGHT 2 ADS FOR YOU. YOU KNOW WHAT -5 ads added-

  • How did Lixian manage to do all the sound effects for this game

  • Mark: I mounted his head... Yes... People Playground: Murderer Mark: I M N O T A M U R D E R E R

  • My favorite part is Lexi and doing all the sounds 😂😂😂😂

  • 16:40 the only good gomes are the old good games: pubg, standoff, call of duty, pirated Minegraft( what)

  • 6:10 we need to look at that kind of adds all day long

  • Polish youtuber KAROLEK stole your thumbnail

  • Me: watching mark play these different mobile apps. Also me: wondering if he still pays AFK Arena?

  • him saying cl!t LMFAOOOO

  • I couldn't stop laughing this hole video

  • My little cousin has a bunch of these games. Not *this* bad of course, but it's enough for me to appreciate what I had.

  • Lixian is perfect the first time am not kidding I liked the sound effects and with to buy them


  • You know, I’m mostly concerned as to why these are marketed towards kids… like… why..? If I saw my kid playing this, I would snatch that iPad away faster than they can say, “Mom, I killed this person!”

  • Adds are so stupid If i had 1 wish i will just nuke adds

  • No one really talking about the point of the video ? It has the same message with "There is no game: Wrong dimension", those free-2-plays are ruling the world !

  • Alternative tile: Markiplier in mobile heCK

  • Lmaoooo the sound he added perfect😂

  • I love that this video was kinda crap... ...suddenly Lixian

  • 0:46 - 0:51 his face

  • The fact that both of these games have 10M+ downloads is beyond me

  • LOL I'm watching this video and I'm thinking: "Now Markiplier knows the life of normal F2P mobile game players..."

  • This vid was realeased the day of my birthday And your my fav youtuber :DDDD

  • You know you can turn off your internet and it won’t give you qds

  • Mounted him on the counter. Like a fruit bowl maybe🤔

  • 1:09 i cant escape it

  • I love it how Mark is being shown these stupid, inappropriate, and annoying pieces of garbage, that call themselves “mobile ads”, and Mark is just horrified by these ads. Goes to show that advertising can scar a man, and how people shouldn’t advertise these types of bs.

  • 2,326,868th Viewer.

  • When you realize they’re prolly gonna use Mark’s video to promote their games

  • Mark: going on a rant about mobile ads and how obnoxious they are *SLflow ad plays cutting him off*


  • Mark, just turn your phone's wifi off to not get ads

  • Mark... r u k?

  • THAT AD AT 8:10 that is when we lost Mark to the darkness

  • I never thought I’d hear Markiplier say clit

  • Grandma got hit in the what? 💀👀

  • I feel like this is the first time I’ve heard a youtuber say clit, Idk why it seemed like such a shock 😂

  • 13:17 I like how it wasn’t questioned why the guy is painting a tree in the forest white. That totally got overshadowed by what was happening

  • Lixian your awesome

  • ads? Just turn on airplane mode Edit: I know I'm not going to get any likes but you're welcome

  • The Death Incoming game looks like a knock off version of this other game called “Yolo?”

  • Play “Zombies Ate My Friends”

  • Everytime mark kills someone and he makes that face of pure shock im just like.. This mans heart is to pure

  • Me, watching the video, Random nation wide ad

  • Sry ment lixian is god

  • Good lixian

  • Audasity to Odasity

  • 5:45 “ oh two seconds out already complaining” IM LAUGHING SO HARD Also thank you Lixian for the amazing sound effects

  • Death Incoming = Unus Annus

  • Right after he went on his game add rampage I got and add about a game. lol

  • Markiplier: *rants about ads* SLflow: Ah yes lemme just- *ad starts in 3*

  • He is complaining about the ads yet he can just turn on airplane mode

  • The should’ve just called this Markiplier vs mobile

  • Only mobile game worth literally anything is Bitlife. Never EVER pay for Replika.

  • Title it's just a prank bro gameplay I'm going to Nuke grandma

  • Ah, the mobile world. What a place 9:36 the reputation...

  • 6:45 He thought the rock was still there. Lol.

  • Its almost your birthday! HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!

  • ‘I’m gonna nuke grandma’ -Markiplier 2021