OUR FIRST FIGHT 😢 | Resident Evil: Village - Part 5

Objavljeno 17. maj. 2021
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  • I love how… Lady Dimi be like: I’ll kill you! And then Mark says: For what? I think he forgot that he brutally murdered her daughters…

  • 36:43 Wannabe preston garvey lookin-

  • *lady dimitrescu turns into giant monster* Mark: "joke's on you I'm into that!"

  • 2:23 the game be teasing mark, like: "stab this you f*ckin' casual"

  • tbh i think mark just wants a long boss fight

  • Dimitrescu's daughter attack: FrAmE

  • Duke: She can be saved, you know. Ethan: Saved? From this!? ARE YOU INSANE!? *Kid, you literally reattached your damn severed hand an hour ago and saw a 9 foot tall woman turn into a dragon, and you call that insane?*

  • The dirty flask had Eve on it. EVE? Eveline?

  • Mark: I don’t even want this charm how do I take it off *gets a cooler gun* Mark: awwwwww I can’t even put my charm on that oneee

  • Did they fix the frame rate problem? I wanna buy the game but there’s so much lag it’s horrible

  • I love how nonchalant Mark is throughout the whole Lady Dimitrescu fight. It's such a tense moment.... yet the tension is missing. Lol!!

  • Not sure if this was already answered in the comment section but Slight spoiler alert. There has been a few theories in the Duke being a 5th lord. Would be a cool theory if it was true

  • *Come on, don’t be shy. Show me your terror!!* Mark: “My terror? Uhhh…lady….we just met” I love how every single comment mark says to any thing the characters in-game says makes me laugh more than I should 😂

  • 2:28 now thats some stranger thingh shit

  • I have watched Jack and Mark play this series and god, it's fun to see how both do things similar, yet different.

  • Wow you should be a singer ☺️ 20:42 to 20:46

  • 21:00

  • 8:28 rip his love

  • a well wheel... well we will... puns. yyyaayyy 32:10

  • Marked the lords locations on your map HMMMM wonder where i've seen that before? *looks at Preston Garvey*

  • 28:10. Why does Mark's scream sound like the beginning of end game from dead by daylight?

  • I love the phrase "its hard to fight back when you dont have a head"

  • Mark totally skipping over the casual reference to umbrella corpse the first time

  • Resident evil oh no an enemy puts hands up I’M INVINCABLE

  • 20:44 sounds like he added autotune

  • when you realize mark could be a singer 20:42

  • 9:09 she'll be back dude no matter how much you love her, she's DEAD well her dragon form is amazing

  • Goop juice!!!!

  • What the fuck is this game? xD This game is so weird, steam didn't even want it back.

  • 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻 😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹

  • why did the white chicken get to live and the brown one didn’t 🤔

  • 23:00 lol blocked by “debris”

  • “This seems safe” - Famous last words

  • " WELL, WHEEL " make some progress then. Mark, who did you sleep with? you only can master Dad Jokes if you are a father.

  • Did you really say debris like that?!😭😭😅

  • Carries around 2 lock picks but doesn’t pick any locks

  • I was long and hard thinking to watch a playthrough of this game, since I know I won't be getting the game myself, and deciding to let Mark entertain me was the best idea 😁😁

  • I fucking love Mark's like mourning pose as Lady Dimitrescu is dying...

  • u really can hit high notes tho

  • You know what happeneds when markie moo gets mad 😱

  • I do like Mark as a personality, but GOD DAMN IT, BE LESS STUPID! "I was at full health!" - No, she hit you before, then you threw a pipe bomb at your own feet, which exploded, and then she attacked you badly. Also: Is it to much to ask for at least mediocre aiming when you are a Let's player for over 10 years now? It sometimes physically hurts to watch because of situations like that. I would also like to see Mark, Wade, Bob, Jack, Tyler, Ethan and co play SCP Secret Laboratory, because that could be fun to watch.

  • Imagine if in real life a creature attacked you, and everything that you saw was lagging for a few seconds

  • Last episode: I will never shoot you This episode: looks like I have to shoot you

  • this honestly makes me so sad...

  • Ah yes, the M1911, "A fully automatic handgun," because that's how that works

  • Guys view of girls on they period:

  • I like the duke... he is really nice and helpful

  • 0:40 "Where's Markiplier, Debbie? Where's -?" *Distractible Title Screen*

  • Everyone is talking about the transformation and i am like "can those crystal torsos be combined with stuff to make like an epicly op valuable item?"

  • Isn't Winters the name of one of the Umbrella guys who did something with Whesker?

  • 29:57 ... wait is that a gorefiend? From killing floor 2?

  • My mans is inside of a home previously owned by Donald Glover

  • YES

  • rewatching this and realizing that mark was right all along about ethan being a mold person

  • I'm not sure that was Lady dimitrescu *puts her in his pocket*

  • The "product" that Heisenberg is creating isn't even the worst thing I've seen in the Resident Evil Series...or this game...

  • “He’s gonna bull charge me!!”

  • "I opened a window! Why's that so bad?" Everybody else on the submariene: 😐

  • I really wish Lady Dimitrescu got more screen time purely for the fact of Markiplier simping over her.

  • 20:42 *Them notes tho* Also here's a warning for 23:26

  • Dimitrirescu: *attempts to eat him* Mark: I'll forgive you

  • its all part of our first-class customer service

  • 20:00

  • Awww mark lost his true love

  • *"Ok, bye. Ok, hi." - Markiplier.*

  • That crystal dimitrescu part could not have been written that was fucking priceless

  • Guy still wondering about the knife 😂

  • 13:14 hol up is that the fuckin umbrella corporation symbol

  • 20:45 this man hates his vocals yet this is his damn scream

  • 13:12 what looks like Umbrella Icon

  • 7:29 - 8:02 She sounds like the Angry German Kid here 😂

  • bRo eThAn yoU liTerally lost a hand twice and put it back on with the mAgiCal liQuiD Made of the C H E M and H E R B and then you be like yeah my daughter cant commit live, bRo hoW sTuPId aRe You

  • I was scared when he opened the small doors and a zombie just jumped at him 👁️👄👁️

  • Mark episodes 1 thru 4. Can I get a stabby stab upgrade. Episode 5 Gets it for 5 seconds then looses it... there ya go haha

  • Hey, Markiplier when will we be getting another episode of Amnesia? Just asking...

  • ayo his fingers are back

  • 11:00 getting major skyrim vibes from this part

  • Brings me so much joy hearing you, bob and wade are still making content 🥲 takes me back to drunk Minecraft days 😭💜

  • 20:42 why he hittin that high note


  • "AWWWW" markpiler screaming in fear "pizza night!" Add Me: is mark screaming for pizza now!

  • 5:17 5:18 5:19

  • Pretty lady no pretty anymore

  • Theory: The duke is really Mother Miranda.

  • first and last fight

  • Lixian's cut is like a warning of what happens next lol

  • As soon as you hopped down into that cave and there were fish i came too full realization: that they basically just tried too remake resident evil 4 in 2021..

  • Mark seems to not be motivated in these vids. Unlike Jacksepticeye and pewds this is boring to watch. Maybe he needs to take a break or retire lol

  • is it me or does the Crystal of Dimitrescu kinda look like the Statue Lady from Amnesia?

  • Mark is very bad at games like this. No attention to details, missing everything, doing wrong moves, it hurts to watch.

  • What is up with the game audio?

  • Lady Dimitrescu turns into a horrible dragon monster Mark: Oh, That hot as fuck Me: It turns out that mark doesn't really care what you look like

  • Resident evil logic : * Pour goop juice on only one hand and whole health is restored *

  • 23:23 25:24 best parts of the video

  • 22:58 D E B R I S

  • Mark talking about everything needing a crank... reminds me of Syberia where everything is an automaton and nothing works unless you fix it. Like the damn boat in Valsembor. 😂

  • This is the FIRST video that Markiplier used a Emoji in the title of a video

  • Lady dimadome from the dimsdale dimerdome

  • Mark that well wheel pun amazing👏

  • Lady dimitrescu: ILL EAT YOU! Markiplier: Yes eat me daddy.