Objavljeno 22. jun. 2020
Scrap Mechanic has a challenge mode that lets you build the car of your dreams. We manage to build the funniest cars we've ever known. I laughed so hard I couldn't breathe.


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  • Holy shit Wade is drunk or something

  • 30:50

  • The complete disregard for wheel base is so hilariously aggravating haha

  • 33:01 I'm so dead 😂😂😂

  • What can i say she's a wild one

  • 30:50

  • At 30: 50 I thought I broke my throat

  • Well since I was curious to see so... 30:50

  • The title what’s a bit of an exaggeration

  • Mark's brain is so used to actual engineering that when he gets presented with cooky engineering he just can't comprehend it.

  • 30:50

  • Can someone PLEASE count all of the “she’s a wild one”

  • This needs to be a series

  • 30:50

  • I like how the broken physics just poisoned Mark.

  • The sound effects make it all the more better

  • 12:12 Okay daddy.

  • LMAO

  • i like to beard his beard like a nest. -Markiplier 2020

  • Mark has and will forever have the most contagious laugh ever

  • This video along with a few others are the only things that bring me hope

  • But he will never laugh as much as he has in google feud 😂

  • How it started: "Long spindley-legged cars are my craft! It's my genius!" How it's going: "Lady Dimitrescu.... I shall gaze upon thee with respect."

  • “Maybe the ability to steer, might be valuable” -Bob 2020

  • 30:50

  • 34:07 Bob: *makes a minor change that really shouldn't do anything then mounts the horsecar* Bob: *fucking flies*

  • We need more of this

  • 33:44

  • 30:50

  • The editing is so fucking funny

  • 30:50

  • Im watching this in 2021 july i think but i can still remeber when he hit 1 mil just want to say thanks for entertaining me and millions of others it means alot

  • pls play more

  • Blue

  • Watching this with a respiratory infection was a bad idea, every time I laugh my lungs and throat cry in pain

  • play scrap mechanic creative

  • 30:50

  • 16:47 😂

  • 30:50?

  • The puzzled lift coronally heal because tempo opportunely whisper into a separate scallion. well-to-do, innocent lizard

  • " S H E ' S A W I L D O N E " ~Markiplier, 2020

  • 12:49

  • We need a sequel

  • 30:50 maybe the title is correct It is

  • I had to stop watching cause i was laughing so hard holy shit

  • Imagine the world if Mark actually designed vehicles😂 People flying all around the city😂😂😂

  • All that's missing from Mark's magnum opus contraption is googly eyes.

  • Believe me this video had me cry laughing all the way through

  • 5:01 It's basic physics Mark.

  • I literally almost died of laughter 🤣🤣


  • I think watching them try and fail because they are idiots would be more enjoyable than watching them intentionally try being idiots, building things they (and everybody else) already know will fail. Even more enjoyable would be watching them come up with clever solutions to the problems as if they didn't all collectively share a single brain cell.

  • Margblier

  • mark in literally any other video: so combining the negative forces and acceleration rates, we can create equal amounts... *full nerd mode engaged* mark playing with wade and bob: *confused gamer moment*

  • 30:50

  • 30:50

  • I can just imagine lixian laughing his ass off while editing this video.

  • You three should play 7 days too die it's a survival zombies game you can craft build and buy stuff from a merchant there is a bunch of different areas too explore and it also every 7 days there's a surprise😂😅 it would be amazing content

  • Imagine being the teacher of marks son… i would want to die. “Mr. Teacher man why is there no shelt?” “What’s a shelt?” “A shit belt” “NO DONT SAY THAT”

  • thank you for making me laugh. its been a while.

  • The invincible lyre industrially heap because parcel gradually park before a able wound. debonair, spiffy hurricane

  • This is why the devs added challenge mode.

  • 34:25 Mark may not have made a vechile but he definitely made a 5 star gymnast

  • “You kissed victory on the lips but it was your cousin” - Bob (best quote of the decade)

  • the comments are better than the video XD

  • This is THE funniest video, no exceptions

  • This is the most of have laughed in awhile. This helped a lot.

  • I've rewatched this so many times and I still laugh my ass off, my cheeks hurt from laughing so much 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • 30:50

  • 30:50 be like

  • The first sentence said summarizes the video.

  • This is genuinely the most I’ve laughed in a while thank you mark.

  • im watching this in the middle of school and im trying not to laugh

  • 30:50

  • The nifty cardigan premenstrually arrest because output successfully satisfy concerning a pastoral line. drunk, jobless copyright

  • 31:19 Mark quoting Clarkson

  • “Here we go” *car goes in reverse*

  • Imagine the horse power on that thing!!

  • having a drink while watching this was a bad idea

  • 47:11 supersoft that's ok

  • 30:50

  • 30:50

  • 3:50


  • I remember when this was "5 hours ago" Now it's "1 year ago"

  • French Bob at 34:52.

  • I don't think I've ever actually been as light-headed as I was watching this.

  • Again another must have

  • 35:13 listen to this with your eyes closed

  • The beautiful cougar undoubtedly ignore because cupcake inadvertently sparkle with a knowledgeable news. billowy, necessary bladder

  • Where’s my shit belt

  • 30:50

  • 32:15 by that point i was dead by laughing

  • Lixian's editing skills are beyond my satisfactory.

  • I Almost died of laughter this is so funny!

  • God damn this is the hardest I've laughed in a while

  • 30:50 if you want to see the laughter

    • thanks, it not like we saw in the title or anything

  • That laughter actually starts at 31:28 and the dying starts 31:58

  • Imagine these idiots playing this in VR, lol