Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location - Part 1

Objavljeno 7. okt. 2016
Five Nights at Freddy's has RETURNED with a brand new Sister Location and new friends to keep you company through the night!
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  • Let’s be real. This play trough is just the best from all the sister location play troughs ever made 😂❤️

  • Ah yes, those were the glory days...

  • Halfway through when Mark got the BidyBab jump scare i got an ad it was funny

  • i have this game and i,m on night five

  • We all know that the puppet is baby according to markiplier

  • Sheesh

  • “I bet that thing was baby “ mark his name was bidybad he’s like a minireena

  • Scott kinda made a mistake about the metal door in circus baby controller thing, It said “Grab Here” to grab the metal door. But why not “Hold Here” that the metal door will move itself? It made ppl confusing

  • Pov 2020: covid exists quarantine:let's encourage people with a control shock us resisting covid:let's try enother control shock

  • 23:17 really got me lol

  • *let’s shock him, that should be fun.*


  • •••

  • I remember when this came out and when FNAF 1 came out

  • 42 million views, holy shit man.

  • I know who you are

  • Damn people still here in the comments

  • AShTon

  • 10:18 Anyone notice this is the same sound after a game over in FNaF 1?

  • Mark: Mike, as in mike Schmidt from the first game?! Me, slightly traumatized from the lore: No ❤️ *cries in scooping room*

  • We need a full song of the night introduction tune

  • Low key I want that popcorn.

  • Just watched TommyInnit play this, went back to this so i can see the whole thing again without him screaming over the plot

  • Anyone else here because you just watched TommyInnit play this live and now you wanna feel the nostalgia


  • Totally buying this game when I muster the courage to finish FNaF.

  • My Name is in real Mike

  • It seems as though some people are still refusing to get vaccinated... *Let's fix that with a lovely controlled shock*

  • me who is mike s it is mike afton sorry like your vids

  • markiplier getting war flash backs but its fnaf






  • that was scary aaaaaaaaaaaaaaH

  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

  • 23:55 , still baffles me how this part didn't make it in to the animated vid.

  • Idk if this is right but in the game I’m pretty sure your supposed to be Micheal Afton that’s why it said Mike at the top of the name picker thing (Idk if this in right plz correct me if I’m wrong thx)

  • TaCingurcăitrejești

  • I used to call ballora “baloria”.

  • the springlock suit that micheal was put inside was fredbear because fredbear has faceplates and checks but that was before they scrapped fredbear.

  • "I'm Not Benedict Cumberbatch!" Lol

  • Saßsasa

  • no mark, Mr. Afton made all of these animatronics

  • 27:03 xd

  • Kakashi hatajes voice 0:10

  • I remember watching this when it first came out. I was so hyped at the time. I think that I usually end up revisiting videos like this to remember such feelings rather than the videos themselves. The videos are good don't get me wrong but the impressions left on my brain by such content are what I'm coming back for, to relive. Like a tongue repeatedly revisiting the site of a lost tooth, to be dramatic. Like a person that keeps checking the fridge for no reason, to be silly. I treasure the fnaf franchise as an artifact of the times in the past that I felt happy, when life was a little easier and I didn't pay taxes yet. Good times, man.

  • fun fact: the little girl talking in the elevator is henry emily’s daughter. Henry emily is a partner of William afton and henry created baby then baby killed henry’s daughter then henry committed suicide and ended up hating william

    • Actually, it was Elizabeth, william aftons daughter. Henry's daughter was the one that is in puppet, in that one video game where you have to find your chosen child. William killed her outside.

  • Its michael afton son of william afton chris afton aka the crying child and elizabeth afton the daughter of william afton and clara afton aka ballora

  • Circus Baby is my favorite FNaF character. She's smart, lovable, unique, and kind of cute. She's cool.

  • I know lots of p[eople watch this and then play as a walkthrough, but i did it in the oposite direction and its hilarious XDD

  • Me also watching mark descend into the deep dark put of insanity

  • Fun fact: the keypad has every letter except for B

  • Definitely- *-eW-* -definitely,

  • what if the controlled shocks don't hurt, but basically like charge them

  • *Don't lie, we've all came here mainly for the nostalgia lol*

  • Omfg I just realized at 13:01 and 13:43 that those aren’t their shadows but they are actually right up near the glass…

  • Should I just say the story....? Also, Lolbit Is meh child

  • I get so triggered when he called bidybab circus baby.

  • e x o t i c b u t t e r s

  • No one: Me: Imma watch this series for 100th time

  • mark litraly starts a sentence and never finishes it

  • Aston created all of the animatronics except for the new ones

  • Afton: exists throughout all the games Markiplier: hE's nEw mark is amazing tho i love em

  • baby stack fail night 2 power off circus baby gravity


  • 27:09

  • Markiplier is rad

  • Does anyone else notice that Mr. Afton sound almost british

    • @Omaira luciano true we never know

    • I think William Afton is British I mean I think the place is set in England I mean you could tell by the accents

  • He:Screams and yells when gets jumpscared Me:not even flinching

  • That's crazy 4 years ago, when i was 10 bro, now im 14... Time flies guys.

  • he made all de animatronics

  • noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • I love how he said danceypants

  • Mr.Aftonis killer (and spingtrap)

  • POV: Your the narrator "As mark slowly puts up his middle fingers..." Also... Mark: *gets scared* Also mark : proceeds to dance

  • On the first night if he didn’t speed out of the vent will he have died

  • Why is no one talking about 16:10 ? 😂

  • I see that you are rewatching again, ha me too see you in Pizza Simulator

  • 2:47 so you're going to lie to a computer

  • My kid Julia loves to play sister location and Fnaf

  • The lean apology perceptually sack because tub trivially moor atop a steady conga. obedient, fantastic tailor

  • Does nobody notice that it said oxygen might turn off

  • My favorite part is when everytime he tries to say something he gets interrupted

  • That’s not baby she’s the one talking after the power out

  • Am I retarded or do I remember mark always saying ashton

  • 16:13 make it a sticker


  • 16:26

  • Ok I've finished this playlist 4years ago but I'm rewatching again 2021 who??

  • 5:11 "why are you making me do this?!" *clicks another 2 times*

  • i jumped as well when the baby popped out , like 2 confirm ur still here 4 his og vids

  • Bro I got an ad as the jumpscare and that scared me more

  • i still get scared of this game

  • Ashton

  • Yes, William Afton (Mr. Afton) designed every single animatronic, from FNaF 1 all the way to the final game. Mr. Afton is also known as 'purple guy', or 'the man behind the slaughter.'

  • Mr. Afton is the main murderer in the series who is actually spring trap there is a lot of lore in the series that is a mouthfull to explain 😂

  • *44/85*

  • I remember watching this when it first came out. *HOW HAS IT BEEN OVER 4 YEARS?*