PEEK-A-BOO! | Resident Evil 2 - Part 1

Objavljeno 26. jan. 2019
The Resident Evil 2 Remake is FINALLY HERE and we're BACK IN BUSINESS, BABY! The BUSINESS of KILLIN' BADDIES!!

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  • Character's Weakness: Leon: Neck Jill: Ribs Ethan Winters: Arms Carlos: Hair Literally anyone else that gets killed in RE Games: *CHEST*

  • 9:56 ahh yes redisent evil

  • 11:27 literally killed me. He blames the burger for the entire crash 😂

  • 9:09 Chris redfield would be so happy hearing you say that

  • truck kun in re2

  • 19:49 I cackled 😂

  • I hated seeing mark keep the spade key and bolt cutters when he didn’t need to leave

  • Mark in 2019 talking about Leon- Omg hes so handsome, he is so pretty. Mark in 2021 talking about Lady D- It's not a sexual thing, its a dominance thing

  • She got isekai’d

  • i enjoy watching Mark playing kind of games like this one. but so far i just can find resident evil and another game having a name related to butterfies. and fatal frame 2 is enjoyable too

  • Bought the game but PC can't run it, so let's just watch someone else play it......

  • nice vid =) what mic are you using?

  • MC: What's going on here? FBI Lady: Sorry, that's information's classified. Me: Okay, I don't think you seem to realize, but the world's kind of gone to hell here. "Classified" is no longer a thing of importance.

  • Markiplier: Hey asshole! 'Licker appears' Licker: Heard you were talking shit!

  • dicketry love the new word

  • So is it better to play as clarie or leon?

  • How does he not get scared if it was me I wouldve just gunned down every zombie until they would be grinded into dust

  • Markiplier You look like an animation character.

  • "SHE-RIFF"

  • "I like your but chin....s very cute ;)" As someone who is a female, and has a butt chin which is an insecurity.....this gave me too much confidence and serotonin for my own good.

  • "if theres anything im good at, its barging into womans bathrooms" - markiplier 2019

  • oh god this playthrough annoyed me

  • What I don't get is why Claire assumes Leon is a cop when he says that they're going to the police station. I mean, when you're viciously attacked by a bunch of 'cannibals', wouldn't that be the logical place for *anyone* to go?

  • Rewatching bc i met the actor of leon kenndey the day before this comment was posted

  • R.I.P Ethan

  • When mark said it's all coming together I thought of emperors new groove

  • That Burger scene... I want a Fried Barry and Jill Sandwich please with extra Wesker toppings, a slice of Leon Haloumi and a large cold glass of Redfield, twice! Keep the change...

  • Leon is really fine, but Claire 😩

  • 1:39:12 PLEASE

  • Mark standing in front of the door he can unlock and having that very unnecessary little back and forth dance with the Licker was just a big heaping oof

  • zombie come through the door mark:BLAM

  • wait wheres claire

  • In the words of my Father: "Kid, if you weren't so goddamn dumb, you'd be dangerous."

  • Game sucks. It’s just a annoying puzzle with a lack of ammo and can’t a blunt object that doesn’t break... Sorry didn’t know you snap a knife that easy. As the comb locks go wouldn’t be easier to smash them off then learn the combo or match abc after 10 mins. Wtf did they do to the original and RE 4?

  • 38:50

  • If it has a red check mark under the item you no longer need it👌get rid of it to free up inventory

  • It pissed me off when mark went and put both the gun powders away

  • Dude ngl, Mark kinda sucks at survival horror games

  • it fills me with anger every time he shoots because i know hes gonna waste too many bullets every time

  • POV: You’re rewatching this in 2021

  • Tip- don’t tussle with the muscle


  • Lixian really did mark dirty for the end screen lmao

  • Everyone united: Yes Mark, drop the damn checked items! lol

  • The way he ran when the body in the morgue woke up

  • Oh, Markipoo I love you But I regret to say, For I must convey, Stupidity runs with you, So please reconsider what you do.

  • 1:35:18 that's exactly what she has NOT said.

  • Cutscene: One shot and zombie dead Gameplay: 6 shots to the head and still come back up

  • Mark: "blues better than red" Is that him admitting that ethans better than him 🤣

  • Look behide😮😮😮 3:00

  • Who would win in a fight: Crybaby virgin Leon V Absolute chad Ethan

  • Every time mark opens his inventory after he fully used the key of spades take a shot

  • i love that when mark is in a high stress situation that all of his vocabulary goes out the window.

  • Poor truck driver


  • 19:05 Who wants to eat some Cheddar Brats after watching?

  • i welcome all the danganronpa fans who thought of leon kuwata whenever we started watching this video and reading the comments

  • Also, mark, idk if you'll ever see this. But I enjoyed watching you play re 2 remake. This game is what brought me into the world of re.

  • nice

  • I've never noticed Mr raccoon behind the computer.

  • Why does he keep saying he's done this before? I thought this was his first RE video

  • "Loker room C.A.P." It's not C.A.P. mark It's cap

  • Marvin: Doesn't answer the radio Mark: "Oh sweet!"

  • 1:04:29 is TENSE AS SHIT

  • 24:40 prob favorite part

  • "im gunna use my big brain" 2 seconds later:AHHHHHHHH

  • I imagine that everything mark says leon says so just imagine that you're being attacked and then you just hear *Oh GoD*

  • Too bad I met Ethan first now all I can think is "Look Leon baby Ethan is better than you)

  • mark had covid before the world did and he survived like leon

  • no.1 thing for RE2 DOn't shoot in the head shoot the kneecap

  • when will he notice THAT ITS A FREAKING CHAD CHIN

  • at time 1 hour 18 minute "this game is kinda stressful" KINDA! KINDA?!

  • 1:10:10 Mark: you need some spray? Me: Mark, he’s ripped in half

  • like they remaking redisent(?) evil 2 did you have a skrote mark?

  • I feel so bad for the officer in the office with the fire safety door like he just got tore in half

  • Resident evil but the main character is the DOOM slayer

  • Leon is so weak, he's a baby Ethan could do that in 2 seconds

  • Usually.. if you come up to a gas station with an empty police car and blood.. the smart idea would be to leave

    • Well... He's a cop. He thought there was an officer in need of help in there, and he was right.

  • Im curious on what he was going to say about the orphanage

    • I'm pretty sure he thought about little kid zombies that he would have to kill

  • I didnt know Leon was such a bitch so early on

  • Everyone going crazy for Leon but then there's just me simping for claire lol

  • At 18:09 I thought someone was shouting outside my door and freaked out 😳

  • ㅑ ㅣㅣ ㄴㄱㅑ

  • dogs arent allowed to die, im thoroughly upset

  • "Easy peasy lemon Squeeze me"

  • I like how all the resident evil games are all around umbrella corp

    • Oh sorry I read your comment wrong I thought you didn't know why umbrella Corp was in every game

    • @jdog 61264 the umbrella Corp is the reason /behind everything they caused all of this to happen

    • No

    • ....... Plz tell me your trolling

  • Don't worry Markiplier you can survive this I believe in you buddy😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍👍👍👍

  • Nobody: Mark: u need sum spray??

  • You suck at all resident evils, you miss so much

  • Me: *Watches Mark finish RE:V Also me: Lets watch mark play RE2

  • 53:07 my favorite part, I cried of laughter 😂 🤣

    • Those zombies like to hide in the corner 😂

  • 5:50 love how mark is just terrified as the guy is being eaten and I’m just sitting here in the car next to my family totally unphased

    • Hahaha your family must be "are u ok?"

  • 33:00

  • The zombie was still jiggling because of muscle cramps that happen after a person dies. This is actually why people believed that zombies were real in the first place

    • It can be real, but I prefer running zombies it just more scarier 😖

  • 57:15

  • Not me rewatching all of his resident evil videos at 1 am

    • Same here, I'm just curious how my fav Ytber react to the game that I played lol

    • Same man

  • Resi8 ended, I finished watching Evelien's playthrough of resi4 and I felt nostalgic for 2, didn't realise that I watched Sean's playthrough and not Mark's. I'm ready to laugh my butt off

    • Same here, I'm watching Sean and Mark reaction most of the time after I finished every game 😆

  • As someone whose seen the remains of deer hit by big trucks on the highway, gotta say the most unrealistic part of the game is how put together that zombie in the beginning was.

    • Wow that must be some view you got there 😮

  • Somebody spilled jam everywhere that's not good lol

    • It's like a piece of bread inside that police station lol

  • "you must be jill". IM TRIGGERED. propably did it on purpose but triggers me so hard