Objavljeno 2. jan. 2021
This isn't GOLF IT... This isn't GOLF WITH YOUR FRIENDS... no no no this is GOLF AROUND! The greatest golf game to ever golf!
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  • 26:57 OH NO 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Love the merch

  • 사후 세계

  • 21:56 "Salmon color, because of too much bone broth, You grilled too hard and got bone broth madness". Bob 2021 lol

  • This reminds me of hamsterball

  • 13:35 Golfing in a nutshell

  • im so smart and good at things

  • 26:03 My brain was almost *"APTPWUUZHTEPAWA"*

  • 9:52 mark points out the bob has a lower score tells me he don't know ho to play golf

  • 26:04 "my brain was almos- æplōûghiplëzæ"

  • I've watched this video 5 times and it still make me laugh

  • i love you lixian

  • Cursed thumbnail

  • i love how they used the horror outro

  • 12:12 they both say god dammit at the same time

  • Wades stupid tirade reminded me of leon kuwata from danganronpa

  • Please play this agaaiinnnn

  • I love how the horror outro was used for this game

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  • Jesus died so you don't have to go to hell ask God to forgive you of your sins and he will.God will help you with any of your problems as long as you ask.😁

  • That Knuckles “Oh no” tho

  • 24:47 i keep thinking about the noise wade did here

  • I love it when Bob completely loses it and can't stop laughing, its absolutely contagious

  • 26:00 my brain was almost... a FLIPSY PLESUM

  • This is the episode where you notice the downward spiral of the independent entertainment industry

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  • 22:03 bone broth madness

  • 28:25 y the horror outro ?

  • Be used 69 power to get him a par

  • Can we please talk about the thumbnail made for this video? 🤣

  • 7:11 Mark: *completely avoids hitting Wade* Wade: *"WTF"* 8:03 Bob: *"aw shit "*

  • "Dragon!" last words before Mark lost sanity

  • ;

  • This thumbnail is ass

  • The wheezing and the constant deaths from Mark is what made me laugh so hard

  • Hey mark…. Wheres the power bar

  • The mean violin angiographically wink because cotton supposedly heat qua a tedious hobbies. happy, yielding forest

  • Bo-Jee? Really?

  • It’s Beethoven!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • The squalid chin prudently count because fat minimally ask like a odd replace. alluring, alert fact

  • "I have the wrinkliest brain of us all!" "AWW FUCK!" 😂😂😂😂

  • when the music kicked in I knew it was all over

  • "Im so smart at good at things" yup Indeed

  • Bob: nice shot Wade: nice shot Mark: *IM A GOD*

  • 1:16 no one Mark.

  • 18:12 the way gay ppl say hi

  • going into the spiral ball elevator wade: *motor noises*

  • These are my favorite two video edits-wise honestly. these two episodes

  • When Wade said "Dad doesn't ever call me any more"... I felt that. My dad's a twat

  • anybody get the reference in the title and thumbnail?

  • What is the story behind the bone broth?

  • :)

  • Today I learned Lixian plays Zelda.

  • Whens the next power washing vid? I enjoy you triggering my *_-OCD-_* xD

  • Also did die mark said

  • “Its fire” said mark

  • "GODDAMMIT! Daddy doesn't ever call me anymore..." That made me cackle the first time I watched the video and I cackled again the second time I've watched this video. God I have tears in my eyes

  • “Do I have to censor simple every time I say the word simple?” Fucking why?! Cause fucking twitch made it a naughty word? Good God man I’m tired of these companies being so sensitive over mere pejoratives that are just that-simple insults that are shallow as hell. And the fact that it makes it so any word with those letters together gets shut down because simple has simp in it shows these companies really don’t care about context either. This is kind of shit is going to be our downfall causing a failure to communicate I swear-it’s already hard to communicate when people are constantly coming up with their own definitions of words every day….

  • yea, there's bAAaaallsss... our balls can touch

  • 10:35 OH!

  • Bone broth madness!!

  • ngl 2:21 made me think there was going to be something that related to Unus Annus

  • Wade: im so stupid there should be a sign that says big stupid wade Bob: i think we can put that together

  • they kick, they love, but they do not wear a glove 20:57

  • i love how wade makes these painfull sounds yet its just him struggeling to get in the hole

  • Why is the inside of the ball looks like a m&m

  • Oh god I remember I played this in roblox

  • “It’s fire” -Mark 2021

  • The video is so much more fun with wade and bob

  • 25:13 sorry to all you Fred's out there

  • that face on the thumb nail

  • Those augurs are a sick physics puzzle...

  • 11:01 Marks wheezes are amazing

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  • 15:24 Mark we gotta go had me rolling

  • That absolute banshee scream mark let out when he got squished was hilarious.

  • Amogus


  • That plug was so smooth

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  • markiplier :you guys are cheating with all your weird strats. mark 0.5 miliseconds later. i am a god

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  • Mark's vocal fry is just absolutely amazing!

  • That transition to the cloak advert was incredible. Hats off, Lixian

  • Wade yelling offscreen will never not be funny

  • 25:53, song?

  • Mark first course: This is so nice... I like that. By the steampunk course: Wade: Did you hear the collapse of men? It sounds like this- Mark: AAAEEEUURGHAAAAAH!

  • You should release the vid that you said OH THERES BARSS!!!! >:C !?!!?!? Lmao

  • The breezy mandolin separately strap because lock conservatively worry for a dry alligator. lavish, voiceless pasta

  • "I'm never gonna make it!!" "I made it!"

  • I really hate that they had to bleep out part of the word simple. That makes me physically angry

  • mark : dying over and over to the fire dragon me : laughing so hard I can't breathe

  • 20:17 how is that even possible!

  • lmao the ending song implies this is a horror game.

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