HE DIDN'T STAND A CHANCE... | Resident Evil 7 - Part 2

Objavljeno 25. jan. 2017
It's getting pretty deadly in here as we're starting to see the ugly side of the family.
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  • note to self: don't eat while watching this series

  • I may be a 10 year old watching markiplier but I watch him with my dad but mark is 🤣

  • I forgot Mark used to permenantly shout in his videos lol No wonder he used to lose his voice so often

  • Im rewatching this to fill my self in, but grandma still scares the shit out of me.

  • The scary thing is there are people who actually are like this

  • Damn I played this recently and I got in the car immediately and I was able to glitch Jack next to the car and I was able to move around freely

  • Rewatching markiplier play this series for the second time for some reason

  • How did he get the defense coin if it was his first time playing

  • Oh is this the recording that she was recording in the bgingbingging of the game

  • I love you zezi series so amazing

  • Is this grandma shedding her skin!? Funniest shit I've ever heard.

  • .

  • 30:10 Hearing this line made me smile. To think he still remembers that game even 5 years after finishing it.

  • 12:45 pop the tires bro

  • I honestly think the three a’s and the handprint are the morgue door thingies and that opening them in that order or having them open at the same time is what’s gonna unlock Travis’ morgue thingy

  • The “family” reminds me of the Sawyers from the “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” movies. Anyone else?

  • Keys exist mark I think I can get a lockpick

  • The grandma is like the Anomalous Duck from SCP Containment Breach

  • I love how most people don’t think about the fact there is no ramp or elevator in the house, so how did grandma get to the 2nd floor…

  • In response to that flash game, are you sure you’re not thinking of the Doctor Who spinoff series Torchwood? Specifically the episode “Miracle Day”? It’s the exact same concept minus the initial world ending catastrophe you mentioned. No one could die, not even if they blew up…

  • 21:20 *Claire Redfield:* Hold my beer.

  • "Why can't the tape be ripped off?" It must be Flex tape

  • Has mark ever been demonitized?

    • yes. probably many times

  • Jesus died so you don't have to go to hell ask God to forgive you of your sins and he will. 🙏God will help you with any of your problems as long as you ask.

  • Is it me or does mark act like he doesnt know the answer to a obvious puzzle just to end the vid like 3 as and a hand print

  • 21:55 eveline had a boot in the last video foudn in the house

  • ethans inability to run faster than 3 miles per hour is amazing

  • My first play through i almost had heart attacks and almost pooped my self all because of molded popping out of no where

  • first aid med thing❌ goop juice ✅😏

  • Gets letter saying come see her Mark: You JUST sent a tape saying to stay away! Tape was 3 years ago Watches tape with Mia apologising to Ethan for what she did Mark: I'm assuming this was awhile ago, what did she do? Tape was made after Mia attacked Ethan. Mark, why do you always assume the opposite of what's going on? To be fair though, the timeline of all these things is confusing when you first play the game. Really could have used something like "3 years later" after the intro or a more obvious date in the tapes telling you when they were taken compared to where you are now.

  • I made a horrible mistake trying to eat during this episode. Needless today I don't want to eat for three days

  • 5:52 the new FLEXTAPE

  • 47:04 That's my name-

  • 2020: Corona Virus Goop Juice: 👁👄👁

  • Me: Markiplier what’s your opinion of basements? Markiplier: 45:05

  • I should probably not eat when I'm watching this series. When mark opened that tacklebox I almost nearly puked up my bowl of worms

  • Nice 👍🏻

  • Imagine how difficult this game would be if the molded came back as crimson heads.

  • 8:58

  • I actually feel bad for the Deputy, he was willing to believe in Ethan unlike any other stereotypical horror movie cop, until he got assassinated from behind

  • Who built this cool Tech? Umbrella and/or Lucas

  • Hello everybody, my na- oooooh… 0:00

  • This is a comment :)

  • Can someone explain how to fix the broken shotgun

    • Sorry I forgot about the gun kit under the house and the testing area so now I have the four strongest weapons in the game handgun mag gun shotgun and rocket gun (it's a joke)

    • So you take the broken shot gun to the shotgun room and trade it out for the shotgun the soldier is holding

  • I kept finding out i sing go tell aunt rhody sometimes. I kinda like that song. Who love this song, click like

  • Dose anyone know what flash game Mark talking about? It seems interesting.

  • 9:37

  • Pov: you came back here to get some nostalgia.

  • Game: "Antique coin" Mark: "Ancient coin"

  • I have the same looking knife xD

  • nice fingers you got there on 27:13

  • Mark:"don't fuck the goop" Mia: fucks Ethan. Me:"why"

  • 20:18 mark i was so excited for you to say my name, then you pronounce it as ‘alysha’

  • Mark: literally describing s4 of torchwood

  • You know it's a good horror game when markiplier is scared


  • I'm curious, what was the game he was referring around 1800. The apocalypse where no one is dying?

  • Honestly, I don't blame the deputy at all for not giving him a gun. Ethan's lucky he got the knife from him.

  • “Save the goo-“ * Sees deer * “Oh hi.. you want some goop?”

  • the fact that theres a dodge challenger in the garage is so fucking funny

  • Is it just me or does this house kinda look like angies house on re8???!

  • 12:00 He really be turnin into convertibles

  • This is by far the scariest resident evil. I usually don't even get scared when watching people play it but damn this game said nah😭

  • I love how I still get nervous of Ethan's survival towards the end of this game, yet I already know-

  • Eugh daddy stranglers nope don't like that nope not at all.

  • They really stink then why did you sniff them Ethan huh?

  • Kinda weird how the phone only works when the plot calls for it but oh well I guess.

  • You fuckers are just waiting there in ambush.

  • Me too mark me too I've seen way too many movies and am way too paranoid/superstitious to ever willing go into a basement without some sort of weapon or someone to watch my back.

  • I'd rather not it's better to give than receive anyway so thanks but no thanks.

  • Nope nuh uh no you don't get to exist fuck you and fuck this fuck everything about this!

  • ⚠️ SPOILERS ⚠️ After being infected and taken over by Eveline, most of the Baker family turned into highly sadistic killers whose nature became blatantly violent, deranged, and cannibalistic. Their movements were especially unpredictable towards survivors, most notably towards Clancy Jarvis and Ethan Winters.

  • me knowing the puzzle and him just like "it must be really not obvious"

  • 13:27 *slash* *slash* can you be dead now? *slash* *slash* can you be dead please? 😂

  • 41:30

  • mark: IM A BIG BOY!! IM A BIG BOY!! (continues to press save) me:WTF?

  • I'm rewatching this and I must say the accents are spot on. I know because I also live in Louisiana. Though I don't hear it in me much but all my friends say I sound southern as hell. 🤔

  • I Watched Sean Play Resident Evil 7 And 8 First I Really Don't Know Why...

  • 27:24

  • You might not see this but Torchwood: Miracle Day is exactly like that Flash game, nobody can die no matter how badly injured they are.

  • IM A BRAVE GIRL -Markiplier

  • Mark playing resident evil 7: scared and screaming Mark playing resident evil 8: calm and normal

    • well, re8 isn't scary. like, at all. only house beneviento was scary, and even then it was only really the baby.

  • Anyone else rewatching resident evil 7 because it has a huge connection with 8, and u don't wanna watch 8 not remembering the 7th storyline?? Or is it just me....??

  • Comment for the algorithm.

  • Man Im glad I stayed away from Markiplier back then, I would have hated the guy. This is too much unnecesary/annoying screaming. He chilled down a notch, I really enjoyed the RE8 gameplay.

  • Yo, what's hilarious is that when I look at your reaction, we are making the same facial expression lmao

  • Who else was watching this and was like “no mark she recorded this after they were captured she’s talking about it wasn’t her attacking Ethan” 😂

  • FIRST TIME I SEE WHEN PLAYER USET CAR DESTROY SUGAR DADDY 😂😂🤣🤣 my bad English 😅😅 tree time play re7 and 2 remake and next month 8😁 good van wait 🤣🤣😅😅

  • Marguerite Baker can teleport confirmed

  • and thats why i dont have a basement!

  • The fuckin subtitles are hilarious

  • What was the apocalypse game he was talking about?

  • Mia: I cant expect anything from you- not after what I did. Mark: What did you do? Me: .... Mark- your hand XD

  • so i probably shouldnt watch while eating huh

  • “Oh boy, more slanky wanky kush!”

  • No I’m not ok with him calling him daddy🥴🥴🥴😑😑

  • 11:58 I hate

  • Do they feel pain aside from when they are dying?

  • Me sitting here only just figuring out the backstory of Eveline BC i was stupid and watched re8 before 7

    • Also '3 a's and a hand print' are referring to the names, three names that start with a and the handprint dude, if you open them then the locked one will open ... Can't tell you what's inside tho😁

  • me after finishing the series and seeing grandma in that song: oh