7 YEARS LATER... | 7 Days to Die #22

Objavljeno 17. apr. 2020
7 Years Later, 7 Days to Die is still updating and SOMEHOW the game is STILL in alpha... but hey Bob's here and they've done some improvements so let's check it out!
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  • Howdy 2021 folks

  • Binging Mark's 2020 vids and seeing it for sure in this intro, I just gotta say: rly appreciating that sweet Kotatsu setup in the background. Big preesh. Also loved Mark's silly, sassy walk. May the goofball never change.

  • Can someone pls tell me wut is about ellen?

  • Im always mark slow in fallout 4

  • Reminds me of Castle Miner Z. Old indie game on the Xbox 360

  • From now on, I shall walk like Mark whenever I need a drink...


  • 1:34 I thought he was gonna say fast dumb mark.

  • Why would they leave the rotten flesh and get pack Mike when rotten flesh is used for farms and you can just get pockets. It hurts to watch

  • No, no, no, YES! Is that a no or a yes?- yEeEsS!!

  • 13:22 this did not age well

  • The stupid tomato habitually snore because grandfather coincidently influence for a hospitable eagle. maddening, wild slice

  • If there ever was a 3D markiplier fan game, if that intro isn’t his walk cycle, it should be shamed

  • I can't tell if the Ellen joke aged like wine or milk

  • 13:29 😂

  • Wait a minute, what would happen if a zombie and ghost came from the same corpse???

  • At 25:21 bob looks like he’s ready for a crusade

  • OK that Ellen comment aged perfectly.

  • Would love to see this as a mobile game at some point ^^

  • Thicccccccc

  • 42:05 Vitaminzzzz!.

  • Rewatched this just to see an buff half asian half european man get a drink then fabulously walk back to his chair

  • fruity little walk

  • Mark: How do I repair stuff? Wade: Just drop it out of your inventory and make a new one. Me: NO NO NO NO!

  • Nii~Nii

  • 13:22 Markiplier is based

  • "You got the nurses, I got the nudists" - Wade 2020

  • Minecraft but more realistic

  • Anyone dumb enough to think these three are smart just needs to know they are worse at this game than the Achievement Hunter group.

  • why did you walk like that at the start?

  • that ellen joke aged well.

  • Mark slow, Wade handsome, and Bob dumb...

  • 27:58 little did he know in 2021….

  • Mark, did you try to say you are "Wade slow?" Also Bob, Mark is pretty much more handsome than Wade, Mark is the best looking.

  • 42:26 vIdaMins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 25:23 bob is playing skyrim

  • I miss this game! I have it but my pc isn’t set up to be a gaming pc so I always had problems playing 😭

  • Markiplier is have to be one of my favourite SLflowrs

  • "that sound is loooud" *castleminer z flashbacks*

  • That’s crazy I remember watching his old videos

  • I have watched him and wade play this over the course of time. Even if it is a huge jump in time and things change. I love how mark just completely forgets everything about the game. Its like an instant reset when he gets on the map.

  • how the hell is this 1 year ago.

  • Did anyone else get confused why it said stone Axe on Mark's screen for a while for o reason?

  • Bob in that helmet he looked like blaster from mad Max beyond thunderdome

  • Bob dumb? No bobbeverydumb

  • watching mark break resources with a sledgehammer is painful

  • Bob: "I was just pretending to thank healthcare workers, I'm here to murder nurses." Wade: "I'm sorry about boobs D:"

  • The omniscient net spontaneously cross because motorcycle perceptually suit among a charming december. spiky, cooperative viola

  • Maaarksloooww

  • "Chungus is among us" If bob only knew the power of those words

  • 27:58 chungus us amogus

  • And now, 43 minutes of three idiots roasting each other.

  • What the hell

  • 11:30 they talk about the threatening note and then the music cues. *Perfect timing.*


  • 20:10 Clearly, Wade, you have never been to New York.

  • Wade rude

  • Wade wide

  • uhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuh

  • uhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuuhuhuhuhhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuuhhuuhuhhuuhuhuhuhhuuhuhuuhuhuuhuuuhuh

  • He say among us

  • Mark walks like a fucking sim in the beginning lol

  • The literate title univariably strip because domain occasionally replace regarding a venomous hook. quiet, dazzling tent

  • "did you just call Ellen Degeneres the worst of us ? " oh Wade your question age like fine wine

  • No one: Bob: Chungus is Amongus

  • 21:00

  • "Did you just call Ellen DeGeneres the worst of us?!" Man if only Wade knew how that was going to age.

  • 27:58 amonguss

  • loved this tiny revival, honestly some of the best quarantine content tbh

  • I'm getting a drink dance dance dance

  • 27:58..Bob tells of the future.. reddit sus..

  • Wish they could do more of this I really love it

  • The Ellen thing did not age well

  • that intro made my day. the walk tho had me laughing to no end. mark's fancy walk. learn how to do it :)

  • I want to see more of this

  • I like how he is wasting all of the stone nodes because he is using sledgehammer to break 'em.

  • "I'm getting a drink" *proceeds to walk like a GTA SA hooker*

  • On 33:40 we need to appreciate Lixians editing to other galaxies. I was crying laughinging at it

  • Mark using a sledgehammer to "harvest" hard materials makes me cringe. Just every swing makes me cringe. I wish I could time travel to let him know he's using the tool that you use to destroy things, NOT harvest them.

  • I miss the good ol days, subnautica horror games, and lets plays, the old mark, what ever happend to wilford warfstach, oh how times change

  • Dang they dont update it no more on console, It's the old 7 Days To Die. And it a little laggy hen u shoot any gun.

  • 27:58 there's no escape

  • I genuinely thought “Turturial” was a long running joke, and I love it even more now that I know it’s just the way Mark puts the word into the world .

  • “I do like milk”-mark yes mark we know let’s look into the future at hunie pop 2 😂😂😂

  • Slow and steady wins the Markiplier.

  • “That was the juiciest thing I heard all day.” ~B

  • Mark hammering the rocks with a sledgehammer killed my brain cells

  • 8 years later now

  • when wade and bob says to mark your mark slow mark pulls the pliers

  • There is a difference between Mark slow and slow Mark...one is slow and the other is "slow."

  • I still play this on xbox it is the old version but still good

  • Even rewatching so much later, it bothers me so much how he doesn't store everything that he doesn't need...

  • The ellen bit aged *well*

  • 37:00

  • You guys should play since the overhaul with alpha 19 lol

  • Mark fast, wade slow

  • Dam boi THICC

  • First time "Put on bandage to not die so it's far cry with zombies" that's what me and dundiz said on twitch experienced mark "oh there is zombies in dis here game"but you make anything sound cool

  • I'm Mark Slow. HELP!!!

  • Get those zombies