Everyone Looks Like Markiplier...

Objavljeno 4. jun. 2021
It turns out that everyone looks like me... but only according to people on the internet so I'm gonna sort through which ones are the most Markiplier.
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  • "I'm the hero" made me laugh

  • Look up SomeThingElseYT. He is your doppelganger! (Also he is a great youtuber!)

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Markiplier? Multiplier...

  • yo my friends name was laughed at by someone i know less gooo

  • demented people be like 15:30

  • 11:43 is no one going to point out that he has two belly buttons?

  • 15:08 15:08 15:08

  • Markiplier is the default skin everyone unlocks before the main game.

  • I have defiently met some people in retail that looked like you, Mark. It actually gave me hype :P

  • confirmed: markiplier is keanu reeves

  • When Maes Hughs ...you know.....I actually quit watching the anime. I stuck to spoilers instead. I couldn’t stomach that happening to my favorite character.

  • Actually... I have a friend back in Colorado that looks *so much like you* that I had to remind myself that he is not you!

  • I’m not the antagonist, is the necromancer in the Mystic Crystal by NSP.

  • best video no cap no comp maes hughes best dad

  • you would probably be the conventionally attractive antagonist in a disney movie or video game

  • Okay hear me out. The album cover of Grim Weepers by Lonesome Wyatt And The Holy Spooks, but someone needs to photoshop it to look like Markiplier. I need the but lack photoshop skills.

  • The funny thing is the person/people who drew the -10 one probably watched this video


  • big brain mode

  • you definitely have some cosplay options. if you do cosplay, you should try one of these characters! lol

  • Whistley nose



  • Keanu’s definitely a 6 or 7

  • Big Brain

  • E

  • Everyone: Talking about Flynn and the neck bag Me: *Metroplier*

  • Wow, dude just spoiled fma just like that huh?

  • E

  • Oh hi Mark.

  • Why didn’t he just look up what is in mcleans bag

  • While on a call, my friend synced up the beginning of TDI with the beginning of this video. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Mark the bag is a shell 💀

  • E

  • M A R K I P L I E R

  • I'm just happy that maes hughes is on the thumbnail

  • The first time I saw a picture of you I had a panic attack because you looked like my abusive ex, I think it's because of the headshape and the haircut. I found out about the SLflow channel and started watching the videos slowly at first only a few minutes at time and then I watched more and more because I genuinely loved the videos and I thought and still think you're an amazing person as far as you can know a celebrity. As weird as it sounds it helped me. His face blurred out in my memory. I'm not sure if this is a compliment to you or not but I want you to know that your channel has helped me a lot both that way and by bringing laughter, emotions, and when you have talked about mental health and issues in my life. Thank you!

  • Hughes... 😢

  • Markiplier and Reeves - both from Hawaii - so, both look the same.

  • My uncle looks pretty much like you

  • The ending of this video felt like a personal attack haha! But how will I make it big when there’s 1000s of people on here


  • "I'm the hero" says Markiplier who did a thief "series" for youtube premium

  • Mark; mase Hughes live a long life People who watch the anime: you speak of only lies

  • I swear, Mark would suit the KFC icon

  • 17:14 I'm a 10 amongst these 3s.

  • Metro man i thought u were dead

  • You and lixian work great together



  • E

  • Multiplier

  • You and Flynn have the same nose lolol

  • 14:00 = E (If you know you know)

  • E

  • 3:03 random piano notes there and idk why lol

  • E

  • 17:07 Is it only me who thinks it look more like CinnamonToastKen?...

  • god makes everyone looks the same

  • IMO the bully from drill bit Taylor looks like a wannabe badass young markiplier

  • Some one please find out what the jazz music is called and tell me thanks

  • More like multiplier

  • Honestly I would say Marshall Law from Let’s Play on Webtoon looks like Mark. Well at least reminds me of him

  • Before the amogus meme, there was this.

  • Markiplier=Mayes Hughes

  • Markiplier. Markiplier!

  • It makes me mad that I almost never get notifications for mark's videos

  • The first one is bullshit. And so is the show for that matter Maes Hughes on the other hand? Spitting image Third guy is pretty close. I give it a 7/10 Colonel Sandy? Meh Eugene? Sure, why not? Wilden? No I'm 99% certain Keanu Reeves is one of your cousins Invincible dad? Fuckwad? NO Metro Man is Mark

  • Lexi, I really enjoyed that jazz fusion you put in. Thank you ☺️

  • The only difference between Mark and Keanu that I see is the eyes

  • The Multiplier Theory: a theory that everyone looks like Markiplier

  • Man, that Markiplier has copied metroman.

  • I guess the E gang is back

  • Everyone: what’s in the box!? Mark: WHATS IN THE BAG!?!?

  • 6:45 Warfstache was so tormented he isolated himself into a new incarnation

  • I didn't see metroman. I am disappointed. Edit: oh wait.

  • I can imagine Mark like Hughes as a dad.

  • Mark is Emmit from LEGO Movie

  • Mark looking through photos and sees NSFW Esq art of him and alter ego* "God damn it"

  • mark: “on a scale from 10-1, 10 being the highest, 1 being the lowest” also mark: “0. -1. -10!!!” 9:51

  • yea, hmm. Yes, soo... surely

  • Next he's gotta look at everyone who sounds like him

  • I never asked what's in the bag until Mark asked, now I'm curious what's in the fucking bag

  • he forgot leorio from hxh

  • Everytime I see MeteoMan I see Markiplier, I don't even see MetroMan anymore it's just Mark


  • Big brother Ed…

  • 5:56 (Markiplier has stopped working) (That is Markiplier) (Exit) (OK) Press the button to function it.

  • Lixian stay editing

  • i also thought the same but the difference is i thought u lookted like complete other people than these ones

  • 2:38 next to left bottom corner anybody know a way to streghten the bleach

  • E e e e e e e e e e e e

  • All I can say is that I’m disappointed in myself , at the end when he was talking about looking at different things and seeing him my first thought was “my duck looks like markiplier, cause it’s long and stretched out like his face” if anyone would like to kill me please do so these thoughts are annoying

  • Heh watch pro Japanese wrestling the best wrestler I thought is he mark

  • Metroman in blue brain looks like Markiplier

  • What's in the bag 😆 you know what we wanna know too

  • The anime charter second one he revised died

  • E

  • You’re metroplier!

  • That’s John wick or more like John plier!