GHOST HUNTING with THE BOYS | Phasmophobia

Objavljeno 5. okt. 2020
Phasmophobia is probably the scariest multiplayer ghost hunting game we've ever played! Who's going to die first?


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  • Mark: Go ChEcK tHe FuSe BoX bob: wHeRe Is ThE fUsE bOx Wade: COMES OUTTA NO WHERE Hi MaRk 😂😂🤌🏼

  • I love hearing the distant panicking of everyone when the lights went out at 3:44

  • this was funny but sean's perspective made me piss myself laughing

  • If SLflow had an awards show, this would be the winner for Best Let's Play Series. Uncontested.

  • Love the vid but i put max brightness bc of how dark the game is and when you use those huge white subtitles it hurts

  • In the second round I actually guessed what type of Ghost they were dealing with. They were two options, with Ghost Writing and Spirit box it could have been (Spirit=+Fingerprints) or Demon. And I actually guessed. I'm impressed :0

  • There is an update on the way this month that is better than any other update yet Mark!

  • *Me laughing at four guys trying to find a ghost*

  • 21:45 am I the only one who saw the ghost run at Jack

  • The only thing I saw in this video was pure blackness . XD I didn’t understand anything at all.

  • Nobody: Me seeing my dad when I just got born: 0:53

  • i didn't know that phasmaphobia could be so terrifying

  • that karen took it waay too far

  • Did you have a scar on your nose Because of the butterfly band aid? also sick vid

    • No its from a video where he broke his nose. you will no longer be able to find the video, however

  • 9:25 "I DI-"

  • 12:40 holy SHIT if that wasn't the most shit-pants "NOOOO-" I've ever heard in this series. 🤣😭

  • I love the fact that when they didn’t know they had walkie talkies, they were yelling like people would irl

  • Man this game need gigantic balls to play and I have tiny ones for it LOL. Played it 2 rounds and it was scary enough without seeing anything

  • Smudge sticks you burn to cleanse a room, the most common type is Sage, but there are other types that work just as well if not better. As a paranormal investigator this both frustrates me and makes me laugh, not because they don’t know what anything is, but because they’re doing the exact opposite of what they should be doing. This is amazing, and hilarious.

  • I zoned out for a moment and then all I heard was Sean in the background "I've got a thermometer bend over boys"

  • Keep in mind that Who killed Markiplier came out 5 days after this.

  • Bob: Guys, I found an axe in case anyone needs to commit a murder Me: Random yet hilarious as hell 😂😂😂

  • Hey guys, maybe were all Karen inside...

  • these videos are always hight quality and also fnaf series

  • Wade's cut scream made me burst out in laughter

  • I love games with proximity chat cause they just start yelling at each other from across the map and it's hilarious

  • This is the first video of yours I ever watched

  • Mark! the time has come! Ghost Hunters Corp was released!! im way too scared to play it, play it for me!! lol

  • I play a version of this on Roblox every single day and rarely ever get scared ;-; also, if you wanna check it out it’s Specter!!!

  • What the hell happened to your nose?

  • There is a game like this

  • Lol they clueless

  • The graceful bone usually close because actress immunophenotypically sigh down a well-off root. numerous, condemned seagull

  • You have Bea Utiful eyes *wink wink*

  • One look I thought its Keanu Reeves lol

  • "Go to your room." 😂

  • bruh lisa was killed by the person in the frame. adult; man in frame attack: they attacked her

  • Man after playing Phasmo for so long watching this causes me pain lmao, like Mark getting stuck on the door he's trying to open and assuming it's locked hahaha

  • I wonder if Mark, Bob and Wade still talk to Jack at all. It really has been a while since they've all played together. I hope they still do...

  • when you say the spirits name it pisses it off

  • Maybe Karen was the friends we made along the way...

  • 1:13 is me whenever I'm telling a story and my dad walks into the room and proceeds to interrupt me with his story; so I just end it there and go on my merry, totally uninterrupted way.

  • it was the ad that gave me the jumpscare.

    • honestly i shit myself.


  • I love how they act like they're in the game.

  • Go at 3:09 and examine Mark and The picture 😳

  • “The phone, the phone is ringing...!”

  • Poor Lisa white, it seems she died because of an adult attacked her and killed her in young age and now want avengence

  • Ghost: Adult. Kill. Can't run. Can't run. Bob: Lisa, what can't you you run? Sean: Who killed you? Bob: Why do you need an adult? Everyone: It can't get anymore clearer

  • The best horror movie I've ever watch, currently.

  • I was watching this and my door opened randomly

  • what's that sticker on the nose?

  • When you can't find the perfect cutscream here is one: 9:25

  • "Can you hear me?" -coming from the guy who screams daily.

  • Chuck

  • How to be stupid and play this game in the worst possible way:

  • As an pro phasmaphobia player. I am screaming into the screen bc UR NOT SUPPOSE TO SAY ITS NAME BEFORE YOU KNOW WHAT TYPE IT IS

  • only turn on a certain amount of lights before the fuse turns off. LoL. Them poor guys painicking thinking the ghost was gonna come out already 😂

  • 22:26 i think she is a kid and "catched" by an adult

  • i'm fucking dead when Jacksepticeye yelled his lungs out for "LISA WHITE"

  • You should watch josh dub mark

  • I saw the ghost in the beggining of the vid he did not see it

  • the more you say the name it gets more mad and you can be hunted if you say the name so many times. And when it’s hunting you can speak on the radio and the lights flicker and also your flashlight.

  • “Lisa White why were you murdred?” Lisa: well now you see funny story, WHAT DO YOU MEAN W H Y ? (proceeds to kill Séan) Well now Séan why did you get killed

  • Scary moments: *Jennifer White* 4:32 Footsteps. 7:05 Phone call. 8:38 - 10:26 Heart beat. She’s here. 10:50 Another call. 11:40 Lost Bob. 12:17 - 13:39 The house from the outside. *Lisa White.* 17:31 - 18:02 Adult. Death. 18:40 - 18:52 Jumpscare whisper. 19:54 Why won’t they answer? 21:43 She’s here. 22:39 Moving objects. 22:58 - 23:36 Summoning her. 23:58 - 24:32 1 down. 3 to go. *Karen Martin* 27:50 Mark’s suspicious. 28:21 A sound. 30:20 - 31:14 Doors and a handprint. 31:28 - 32:20 More movement. 32:44 Sean needs help. 34:15 - 35:01 Retrieval.

  • Lisa white give us a sign Lisa : *E*

  • 12:22 I like that you can see that he's actually terrified of what's in that satanic house claimed by a masochist ghost.

  • karen

  • Did anyone see around like 18:39 a kid like ghost ran across the left of the screen

  • Hey mark just wanted to say thank you for all the awesome content through the years. Your videos have helped me through my darkest days, and even still sometimes your videos are the light in the dark. keep up the work man.

  • I find it so funny how Marks ‘Accent’ comes out when he talks to them through the radio

  • I literally watched Sean’s perspective of this and it was HILARIOUS!

  • Lisa wife was a ghost Nazi she said adalf kill attack and other evidence

  • You got oof

  • i love how both times they had all evidence and didn’t call the imposter

  • Famous last words: Sean McLoughlin: "I'M DEAD!!!", Wade Barnes: "NO-!!!", Mark Fischbach: "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~!!!"

  • This feels like a horror movie, everything thats happening

  • "HeArT bEaT GuRgLeS!?" -Mark 2020

  • 29:57 - 30:04 😂

  • I'm pretty sure mark got Vietnam flashbacks at 0:14 from FNaF

  • I honestly didn’t see shit

  • The original crew..

  • 3:49 literally sounded like my family house

  • I like how everyone is talking about game, and I'm the one who is thinking what's with Mark's nose(that white thing)...

    • Probably after he broke it again

  • 19:19 lisa why can't u run?, til this day we aren't sure, we think lisa fell down the stairs


  • Hey Mark, do you know Ghost hunting is a real job for some people, it isn't a job for me but I do it with my father and part of his crew. It's not always a safe job because you don't know what your working with.

  • Mark must have some GUTS to go into the houses alone with only that stupid purple light.

  • "is this a thermometer? i just picked it up and it started pretending im a doctor" underrated line 👏

  • Lit jack is in this

  • i was playing genshin while watching this and when sean said "lisa white" bennet yelled "boken da boken!" and i burst out laughing

  • Wades scream cut in and out perfectly... I actually got chills from it! lol

  • maybe for the third ghost a murderer or smt broke into the house, killed everyone else in the household besides Karen and searched for the last person knowing there was at least one last person left, Karen hid in the closet and the murderer found them, Karen tried to keep the closet doors closed but in the end the murderer got her as they were too strong. maybe that’s why she was in the closet continuing to close the doors whenever opened.

  • I’m assuming that Lisa White is a child and an adult attacked her and than killed her

  • Some of the clips here have legitimate *good* horror movie vibes

  • Another great edited video by Lixian. This game Mark is so serious, yet everyone else is just making the game seem so stupid 😂

  • *0:29* you me boris, you me boris

  • 7:37 je nii FER

  • Someone said you And me boy you and me boys two times in horror game is creepy but I love it

  • huh, i can't believe i glossed over this in my feed