HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACK... | Resident Evil 7 - Part 12

Objavljeno 1. mar. 2017
Ethan Must Die is probably the hardest challenge we have yet to face in Resident Evil... and Jack's Birthday is probably the most fun!!
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  • Is no one gonna talk about the title being wrong jacks b day is the one under Ethan must die

  • Extra content in r.e.b.: insane difficulties, torture games, and more lore Also extra content: celebrate Jack’s 55 birthday! 🥳

  • So this makes it kinda like a dungeon crawler game

  • The survival knife does more damage then the pocket knife

  • Spiced win is real, and it’s great. Different ingredients though

  • "the contemporary art" at the workshop xD xD

  • 25:17

  • I like marks videos, but knowing what weapons he should be using, and what ammo not to consume too much of. It kind of hurts to watch, because he is making it harder on him self without knowing it.

  • I wish he would have played madhouse or got these items in the story by beating it again, x-ray glasses, infinite ammo, the strongest shotgun, the Albert which is the best pistol in the game, the saw which saws enemies apart, and you can use most of these items as soon as you find your first green box storage thing. By the way there is more than this, but he never got to use these or find them. Except for the glasses he got randomly in the mini game so far.

  • 1:07 FNAF UCN in a nutshell

  • Normal RE!Ethan: *can survive being stabbed through the leg by an angry grandma and having his hand cut off by his wife* Ethan Must Die!Ethan: *dies after a single bomb*

  • “Alright once I jump down here there’s no going back” A mine: Are you sure about that?

  • 12:58 I was eating cereal and I almost spilled milk on myself T_T

  • The death music is dramatic during the first few deaths but then it’s like OK STOP PLEASE WE GET IT

  • 30:02 *sees hole* “so after i drop down here... there’s no going coming back” *jumps down* *sees bomb* “NOOO” *lands slightly to the right with relief* *blows up* “FUCKKK” *immediately regret decision*

  • lady damatrusc

  • the rendition of "Go tell Aunt Rhody" that plays when you die literally feels like its making fun of you its so funny.

  • EPIC

  • Mark: *Goes on about new camera* Me: "Does Mark have a lazy eye?" 🤔

  • Local woman gets kidnapped to run a Catering Service

  • longingly awaiting the L. Dimitrescu birthday mode to feed my mighty queen with only the best pastries 😔

  • Go tell Aunt Rhody...

  • You know, it's nice that this dark, serious game has silly bonus stuff like this.

  • "He's gonna blow." (steps right on top of its body)

  • You know the title of the mini game "Ethan must Die" really takes a new meaning now that Re8 is out...

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  • The old-fashioned objective worryingly pedal because touch dimensionally rock up a physical monday. alleged, disastrous port

  • mark:capitalism rules me:laughs in karl marx

  • my god if mark stops and thinks we would be at the end in half the timE!

  • Yo

  • 25:16 I always love that. 😆

  • 0:04 his camera is at an angle it bot infront of him

  • 0:05

  • 51:40 i know its probably a pretty small thing but wow that shot for more time was really at the last possible millisecond. if you watch it frame by frame he fires right as it hits 00:00:000

  • Mark trying to reason with the monsters…. Get Sabotaged by light

  • I had to come back to watch Markiplier play the Resident Evil VII (7) D.L.C s because it's so funny and you can see it in his face he enjoyed every D.L.C in this game very much because they're right up his alley; the _"21"_ card game mode where he could use his brain, the _"Bedroom"_ mode being like an Escape Room and _"Nightmare"_ being like Five Night's at Freddy's. And then Ethan Must Die I know he really likes because it's a good challenge for him and he likes a good challenge. I really hope Capcom has just as memorable D.L.C for Resident Evil VIII (8). There are rumors of an Ada Wong D.L.C which I'm excited for, and then I'm thinking they'll incorporate an Ethan Must Die 2.

  • Did anyone die inside when he used the Albert to break a box?

  • 49:09 "oh no I hope I don't die of death poisoning"

  • 13:00 Mark trying to get him through the door is hilarious 🤣

  • Hey mark

  • You know, I bet the voice actors had a lot of fun with Jack's 55th birthday. Nice reprieve after screaming all day.

  • anyone else here in 2021 watching all these before the new resident evil?

  • The observant ones ‘among us’

  • "oh no, I hope I don't die of death-poisoning" Mark -2017

  • 'Live and learn, and then love, and then, American capitalism will win, all the way.' - Markiplier

  • 30:02 lmao

  • the fact that he died and laughed within the first minute

  • 39:12

  • 15:31 Exertion of Dominance.

  • not me revising while using this as background lmfaoo

  • Mark has died 16 times

  • I really need to stop eating while watching these

    • The first time I was watching this while eating curry…not a great idea

    • Yeah, that seems like a good idea.

  • Ethan Must Die is a game mode that only Masochists enjoy.

  • I love the dead song.

  • 30:05 the instant regret on his face was priceless

  • "Hope I don't die of death poisoning" -Mark

  • did no one notice at 30:08 he forgot Ethan’s name and put Chris in the subtitles instead XD

  • i am pretty sure cheese is not a fungus like it's made from milk

  • Weirdly enough the instant box death happened to me my first time playing this too lol. I luckily streamed the video and have video evidence of it

  • Diss-s=dis-s=di+c=dic+k=dick

  • I just realized that in this game there is no jump option? Like, if you’re playing in the computer, press the space bar to jump?? Because I noticed those bombs in the floor, Ethan could avoid it if he could just jump over them?

  • Markiplier: *Falls* Markiplier: *Survived* :D Markiplier: *Turns around and gets bombed twice* D:

  • I didnt think that would go in 1 go Markiplier-

  • The RIP Ethan Winters statues are hilarious

  • First in 4 years

  • Not me crying after hearing Mark saying he loves everybody all the same but he doesn't even know I exist. Just feels good to be told that by somebody you look up to.

  • the expression “You peekaboo mother fucker! ” really resonated with me.

  • Ethan must die mode is as close to reality as this game will get.

  • This is so hilarious.

  • 12:30 is that a megadeth reference

  • 40:41

  • 4:34 the cutest markiplier moment

  • I watch these while I do homework because I enjoy the videos, but the visuals are too scary for me. Your videos have gotten me through many a maths problem :)

  • Jack's 55th Birthday looks like such a fun side game

  • 35:00 Jack’s 55th birthday starts here

  • I can hear the Ethan jokes

  • 2021: Currently rewatching his whole series, anyone else?

  • Mark: These X-Ray glasses are really helpful! Also Mark: Is this box a bomb?

  • He finally used the magnum

  • cheese with cheap wine...

  • So I've scrolled down as far as I'm willing, and I see no comments explaining why the camera is different. Guys, it's flipped. His hair part is usually to OUR right. It's on the LEFT now. I can go into more detail explaining, but I'm sure you guys are more than capable of comparing his facial features in this video, to previous ones.

  • The artwork from Jack's 55th B-day reminds me of Infinite Warfare's zombies.

  • I guarantee you I would have given up after my 5th or possibly 6th death and would have raged that my neighbors would hear my foul language

  • You know the birthday party mini game is kinda nice. There's no torture, no axe-weilding lunatics, Evaline's nowhere to be found... It's fairly tame compared to the actual game, and most of the other mini games

  • the "you are dead" gets real repetitive in this episode and i think that says a lot about mark lmao

  • I love how mark just started to rage at 7:03 because he kept dying Especially when he just said ::,, I'm the man here!'' just the typical markiplier way

  • Jack's 55th Birthday is surprisingly wholesome

  • "Well, I got some experience fighting these guys with the knife at least" ( dies 2 seconds latter )

    • I haven't watched, but wait.... you fight with knives at this point of the game? What happened to the gun(s)? :(

  • 6:01 *Running for his life* *Sees trap wire* Mark: Oh god! *Keeps running*

  • 25:30 Mark.. wtf was that Me lol that was daddy dying in a hallway lol

  • 30:06 subtitles *Chris screams in pain* But it's ethan

    • When I played for the first time, I kept thinking (and saying) Mia was my daughter.... 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • 25:16 I can't stop laughing🤣 the fact that the dad walked right into it and you just hear it is fuckin hilarious!🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Weirdly enough, this doesn't make me rage too much, because I flipping love the death music.

  • 13:09 I laughed my ass off

  • 34:50 things that make you go🤔

  • On 21:12 he clutched in 6 sec so hard lol

  • 30:09 did the subtitles just call ethan "Chris"??

  • "those of you watching this in the background, hi" me: *watching this series in the bg while playing genshin impact* "uhhh hi.."