Objavljeno 21. jun. 2020
Poly Bridge 2 lets me build the bridges of my dreams. However YOU JERKS design the bridges of my nightmares. At least they're kinda funny...
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  • WARNING ⚠️ Do not watch this video while eating cereal, you will die.

  • 37:33 Down to the shadow realm

  • 42:56 What is this sad piano tune? I feel like I've heard it somewhere before, but what is it called? Does anyone know?

  • I like how most of the bridges are abstract art peices

  • Mark's decent into insanity

  • I'm 2 minutes into the video and my ears have popped from laughing already

  • 7:08 thumbnail material

  • 42:28 we get it the joke is not funny it doesn't need to be large

  • 13:00 They knew EXACTLY what they were doing.

  • Its like every road went of the rails on the crazy trian !...

  • 11:15 I weep at night for other reasons

  • This is my 3rd time watching and each time I watched I was balling my eyes out because of much I was laughing

  • 41:26 Such a good note to end on. It seems like he failed it, until: "IT DOESN'T NEED TO BE THAT BIG!"

  • Easy preezy peautiful povergirl

  • This was marks funniest video and i haven’t laughed so hard in a long time thank you

  • 25:00 This's what you're probably lookin for Yes it was an edit 26:07

  • I had a nice laugh watching this video. Thanks!

  • This is just Mark bullying his fans...and it's great

  • I have a headache from laughing so hard.

  • 12:36 lol those stars are the self destruct buttons to the double bridge.

  • Amoglegens

  • Jenyis

  • 41:50 that’s the opposite of what she said

  • Some of these belong in r/ihadastroke

  • Those pulling pistons is like you trying to pull the car you're sitting in.


  • I can't remember laughing this hard. I love this so much.

  • I swear there are parts of this video missing

  • I never laughed as hard as I did watching this video.

  • 17:37 wow face planted

  • -1

  • 41:41 That's what we hope she said

  • 10:17 CARL WEATHERS????

  • why did i dip a slice of cheese in my tea and it actually tastd good

  • They get low budget bridges by sending in the air strike to yeet the vehicle forward

  • The 2nd one made by FunnyJesterMan on Rope Support looks like a creepy smile 23:23

  • 31:08 Lixian jumpscare

  • 45:51 mark has turned back into a five year old

  • 41:35 mark talking to Amy about his 4:35

  • Markiplier is like a dad trying to be supportive of his shitty children

  • 34:27

  • And everyday the world thanks it's lucky stars that Mark never pursued a career in engineering

  • 34:47 The level of genius- 😤👌🏻

  • In an alternate universe where mark is an engineer and his subordinates are the viewers. What they make are the same as in the video

  • E

  • When the 2021 Olympics are playing on TV but you’re watching old Markiplier videos

  • HoW MeCh DrUg? 31:14

  • Anyone else come here just to see and hear mark laugh his ass off? Lol

  • Mark losing faith in his fanbase and humanity for 48:38

  • this is small brain time


  • The grip was loose.

  • 17:38

  • 1:10 I went from giggling to shrieking in fear

  • "heeeey" "AAAAAAAH"

  • This, my fellow commenter's, is watching a man go insane for 48 minuets lol

  • 30:25 spring trap would disagree.

  • Hear this with your eyes closed 41:35

  • 34:48 LMAOOO


  • F

  • 41:42. To 42:38Size does matter just ask any woman😉😂

  • I'm gonna need some tomato sauce for all of this spaghetti (the bridges)

  • 19:40 isnt it obvious? that one folds for easy transportation!

  • I really hope he means bridge hydrolc and not doing size

  • Hardest laughs in the video 2:42 Spam in a box. 13:07 Car kidnaps minibus. 17:34 Brain damage 18:45 I guess that works? 19:24 Self destruct 19:34 Self destruct again 22:14 D E E P Not currently a complete list. Will come back later to finish it.

  • 8:15

  • The guy called beastars is the best anime is so correct

  • The amount of these going on r/peoplewhohadonejob is gonna be shocking


  • Laughed hard enough I just pee’d

  • Nobody: Mark's mods: Upside down "T"s allowed

  • I never thought I needed Mark saying Finchat in my life

  • 15:10 if ya know, ya know Edit: 41:47 if ya still know, ya know Just close your eyes and listen to the glory of Markiplier without context.

  • This video broke Markiplier

  • 13:18 *two trucks begins to play*

  • This hurt my souls and my lungs to watch. Seeing Mark depressed is like watching a kitten cry, and laughing as hard as I did us not healthy.

  • Just realized. 7:08 that's a bird

  • This wass so up

  • Wait so am I the only one that caught him making a weed joke at 14:52 With the spliff joint Lol

  • I pissed myself laughing at the bridge at 45:18 😭😭

  • My mom was an engineer and I have a feeling she'd love this video

  • Pull, the word of last year

  • 12:36 always cracks me up everytime

  • Honestly I'd love to see Mark do more of this

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  • How did that dude made a bridge with 57 dollars

  • Whats with all the loops??? 😂

  • me in my mind: PULL = CONTRACT MARK

  • Whoever made Lixian jumpscare text with the bridge is funny

  • This is giving me Michael reeves vibes

  • Mark "jesus!", jesus "some one called?"

  • Mark

  • Mark you dum pp

  • Viewer: makes a bridge that spells the f word Markiplier as a grown man: hehe

  • Dreidel

  • im watching this video for the 10 time XD

  • 13:00 had me gone hahahaha