X-RAY ABUSE | Papers Please - Part 4

Objavljeno 10. maj. 2021
What are the long term repercussions of getting blasted with x-rays on the daily?

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  • Am I missing something with the random boat shots and the seagulls comment?

  • I like 👍 the thumbnail.

  • 12 videos later, I have still not liked the video.

  • *starts playing “all kolechians are the same” by Arstoskan border patrol*

  • Man, if you think your son's crayons were expensive, let me tell you how I used my money saved for a driver's license on art supplies for high school. 20€ 4 pens or 10€ ONE PEN is not rare in this field, and my HS was a special one you don't get in like that. It disgusted me to no end how it was an obligation to have expensive stuff if you wanted good grades, but poor kids were a minority, and my fiancé lent me his stuff from time to time so I got by.

  • My fav part about this series is the consistent body positivity Mark radiates. From the “YOU DONT KNOW THAT!” and being uncomfortable asking someone’s gender, to the “Overweight? According to who?” comment and its heartwarming to me.

  • Markiplier is an unintelligent beggar who tries to get people to subscribe. If you want those, EARN THEM! People will do them when THEY WANT to, not when you WANT THEM to. You do not deserve subscriptions

  • Markiplier is an unintelligent beggar who tries to get people to subscribe. If you want those, EARN THEM! People will do them when THEY WANT to, not when you WANT THEM to. You do not deserve subscriptions

  • markiplier armpit shots compilation

  • It’s little potato mab

  • 25$ crayons?? mark didn't even have fingers growing up!

  • love always the "doink" hehehe XDD

  • 14:50 an video from turkey

  • Crayons as expensive as rent? Son must go to a art school...

  • The way the dude is insulting the bomb and mark is having a midlife crisis

  • 14:10 I love this rant

  • The long mitten markedly carry because dinosaur trivially remain above a numerous spade. black, general gentle swallow

  • Jack, Super OCD Mark, Fuck it it'll be fine

  • All I hear when I see the Terrorist is them yelling “LEEEEROYYYYYY JANKIIIINGS!!!!”

  • 14:20 ~ accurate representation of Mark's childhood

  • "Not too many troublemakers today." Citations: And we took that personally.

  • I think this might be my favorite playthrough I've seen of the game, I've never been able to follow checking everything before since everyone either uses the book or scanner to check half the discrepancies, but with Mark mostly doing his thing I can follow come to my own conclusions, it's really nice.

  • wow doing a lot better than someone else I've seen play this, by this point the only family member left was the wife and just barely save from sever sickness, lol

  • 3:24 nice

  • 🐄

  • boiNK

  • your son wants to grow up to be a marine, i hear they eat crayons

  • Mark's Crayola rant came from his poor childhood

  • Jorji is a g no cap

  • Haha, Markiplier, have you looked at your work visa? There's an end date, brother!

  • 14:19 Marines: Grawkh hahaha Pathetic.

  • "Look, it's not me; I follow the law to a T!" 2 seconds later... "Ezic? you're coming in!"

  • "Offer me bribes, maybe then I'll talk!" Markiplier, a man of integrity...

  • lol love the crayon rant. hopefully boat edit stays even after returning from canada

  • 11:10 mark she was talking about the innocent guy you shot and got you in jail if you didn’t kill him the game would have continued you can go back the that day through the day saves

  • When mark said "Doink, gotcha!" It sounded like Chris Pratt lol

  • “You dont like my tone, i dont like your face”- mark 2021

  • 16:21 Markiplier said my name Then he said Screw You

  • 6:22 You can take the bribes and still deny them.

  • What music did you use for the bomb scene?

  • Thank god jorji only had drugs I woulda broken down if our old man buddy was a terrorist 🗿🗿🗿

  • I mean, artist grade crayon are like 50 dollars

  • I mean, artist grade crayon are like 50 dollars

  • I just find it very painful to watch this series, I love it

  • I just find it very painful to watch this series, I am sorry mark

  • first of all…CRAYON? it’s cran!

  • Oh boy what a wonderful day to watch my favorite SLflowr! **see's title** *oh boy...*

  • 15:03 for me

  • Loved the crayon rant, "I shot a dude today!" 😆

  • marks son has my birthday lol

  • The swift fiber phongsaly charge because copyright ipsilaterally back outside a responsible doll. charming, attractive south africa

  • Mark's inherent Korean parenting sense is coming along nicely... good... good...

  • Mark would make a fantastic border inspector

  • I beat papers please with my job!

  • Everyone gangsta until that one fella be like: "DeAtH tO ArStOtZkA"

  • 18:57 man had to restart my computer

  • 13:59

  • Mark: * gets live bomb from terrorist * Guard: "this is the shittiest bomb I have ever seen" Mark: * defuses bomb * Guard: * continues to insult bomb *

  • Completion. All im gonna say, all im gonna request. At least another playthrough for a different ending

  • The damn crayon rant😂😂😂

  • It sounds like a lie, but Mark reacted the same way my father did when I told him how much the ps4 cost.

  • E

  • Jorji is the best. "IS DRUGS!"

  • Mark: MORE THAN FOOD WE CANT EAT THOSE Me: actually you can eat crayons

  • All the puns made me giggle

  • 0:57 keep talking and nobody explodes

  • Person drops of bomb guard this is fine

  • 12:45

  • Be careful to take the posters down. The Head of the Ministry will inspect and fine you lol


  • I don't make the rules I don't even enforce them half the time Great stuff

  • Jorji my man! Doing some businez!

  • That guard dealt with that bomb like it’s a normal Tuesday afternoon.

  • I have a feeling Mark would be a good dad.

  • 14:50 I love this perspective.

  • 4:14 lol


  • *My Mam* (btw that 360 noscope during the terrorist attack tho)

  • 16:12 “you use to be a little brat” mark: “well i get to decide if you get in”

  • The lopsided fragrance increasingly squeak because reason postprandially preserve afore a female fertile element. vague, fixed energy

  • The icky throat correlatively deliver because hair operationally impress to a average change. innocent, subsequent truck

  • This is one of my favorite series. Great job Mark. And lixian, without the job you both do this wouldn't be the best channel on here

  • Me who watched papers please part 5 before part 4: "I have a feeling that your gonna die"

  • Honest to God I love the music in all the videos in the background, especially when Mark finds a discrepancy

  • Is umm... Is Mark actually in a boat? XD


  • One fiddy nine

  • Outer Wilds! Outer Wilds! Come on, Mark! The people want to see you play it!

  • Son has good tastes

  • 10:14 The face on the purple card totally didn’t match XD

  • 6:55 you would call that a Pay day extra credit day but money day is also ok

  • Ah yes, my favorite holiday... *MONEY DAY.*

  • Boo, I scared you.

  • I feel bad when people get discrepyeuieb whatever the word is bc of the wrong gender like duh don't lie but what if they are just trans?

    • This game takes place in 1987. Trans people and general gender identities were not even remotely considered at that time

    • I think usually there is another gender option as "other". But in this game there isn't such thing. Anyways false is false they should have reviewed their documents before coming

  • Being a bit too real here Mark, but how come Amy still didn't get preganant? Are y'all good? EAT OYSTERS!

  • I just wanna say that in recent weeks I’ve been referring to Unus Annus as “Oooooo Nice Anus.” That is all.

  • When the video length is correct to the game style

  • This series is actually great, props to you Mark, you'd make for a killer border security check :>

  • 8:29 guys the middle person on the wanted poster changes photos once he flips the page

  • Mark: so, that was a decent da-- m.o.a.: cITATION!!