QWOP ON STILTS | Walk Master

Objavljeno 18. maj. 2021
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Every wanted to learn how to walk? Well.... this actually isn't your chance...

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  • i broke up with my boyfriend yesterday…and i have been so upset…i have no idea what i wanted to do it make me happy..my friends weren’t really helping…then i got a notification that you posted a video…and you have made my…day….thank you so much…

  • Now when is he gonna do the idea 🤣🤣

  • Mark, were still waiting on that ad test video

  • If u like this try daddy long legs!

  • Anyone else got getting over it vibes from this vid lol

  • I’m level 4500

  • Mark: hEreS aN aD rIgHt NoW! -No ad plays

  • Cookie

  • “Here’s an ad right now!” Me with premium: I’ll take your word for it

  • Mark: “Here’s an ad right now!” Video: *Doesn't play ad* Me: How dare you

  • Mark: Here's an ad right now. Me, with an adblocker: You underestimate my power!

  • Mark: Here’s an ad right now! *claps hands* Me: *visible confusion about how it was so perfectly timed*

  • The ad for me actually happened a little bit before he said “ad here!” So he said “ad here!” Then clapped and there was nothing lol

  • You're the markiplier...are you ?

  • *Laughs in ad blocker*

  • 17:37 got me laughing forever 🤣😂

  • Mark: Here's an AD! *AD PLAYS RIGHT AWAY* Me: *Confused Silence*

  • The way he said Giraffe SENT me.

  • Can we can skip the adds?

  • I actually got hit by that ad.....

  • Kinda miss the forest

  • You should play daddy long legs

  • Mark manages to make almost anything watchable

  • Lmao I got an actual add when he said your going to get an add right now.

  • 12:56🦵🦵

  • Mark: “Here is an ad right now” My device: “AD BABY” Me: “Wait what?”

  • *Mark on the winter level* Everytime Garfield dies: “MĒŒ-“ *respawns* “ME-“ respawns” that part got me very time I swear I could not stop watching it

  • The add literally played right as he said there would be one

  • "how many ads will you sit through"? None, I have premium 😎😎

  • ngl I am on trail 216 and I have been playing it since early 2021 lmao

  • As someone on trail 348, I found this very entertaining

  • 3:35 aw come on that was my idea too lmao

  • I play this and I am on like trail 1600 and I cringed to see him go so slow

  • 12:30 i love it, I love it. *ÆÈÛÍË* I hate it.

  • 4:25 are these *b e e t s*

  • Man it would have been so much funnier if Lixian took the head off the snowman like it was a costume and said "Hey Mark like my new suit" or something like that

  • He nearly figured out the pogo strat so many times

  • girl I don’t get ads

  • Mark play this again please

  • Jokes on you mark i have youtube premium

  • wait where's the link to the game

  • what if you have premium?

  • "Here's an Ad right now... See!" Me with SLflow Red/Premium: Can't relate

  • Can you beat Baldi unreal basics last stage you did not play it or i miss the vidéo

  • The common great-grandfather undeniably warn because tablecloth apparently whip given a second draw. noisy, plausible conga

  • Mark: "Here's and ad right now" Me: [laughs in adblocker]

  • 🤣 Am so happy to see Mark play random games I downloaded on my gadget 🤣 can't wait to see more customization of his avatar🤣

  • When he said here’s an ad right now, I was then graced with a 5 minute ad with a building sized Phil Swift Also, try Daddy Long Legs

  • “you think i didn’t already *mooooo*”

  • You actually started an ad for me I bursed out with laughter

  • 19 videos later, I have still not liked the video.

  • Why did I lowkey actually enjoy that

  • Hay you Lied there was 2 ads

  • Just download Walk Master 💕

  • I laughed so hard lmaooo

  • “Here’s an ad right now” I got an ad and I’m now questioning SLflow’s ads

  • First time I'm liking a video FOR the ad

  • 12:25 Mark is in that ad-

  • me with adblock

  • “Ever get the urge to fall mouth first onto a bee” that’s some real golden retriever energy

  • *People who have ad blockers* 👀

  • [REDACTED] 9:15

  • Try fail run mark, its a fun game

  • that predicted ad has earned you a like, my man

  • I forgot how much this man makes me laugh.

  • At the part where he mentions that that would be a good time for an ad, there was an ad.

  • 3:55 mark... I swear to God... I will.... Do the worst thing youtubers hate to see in there comment sections!! DON'T DO IT!!

  • me with an add blocker

  • 3:12 ha loser, I got youtube premium.

  • I miss mark playing stupid ass games like this 🤣🤣🤣

  • still waiting on that Ads video

  • SLflow premium so no adds lol as much youtube as I watch it's worth it

  • Ad now ! SLflow Premium users be like 😅

  • Mark: you ever walk? Disabled persons: Mark: Good! Great!

  • That walking on stilts game reminded me a lot of Daddy Longlegs

  • "Here's an AD, right here!" **clap** **ad** ... thanks, mark, but i already use discovery +

  • Coming back to watch markiplier for the nostalgic feeling while deployed is the best

  • Epic

  • "here's an ad right now." I was scared for a second but then I realized I had an ad blocker

  • Who's watching this with youtube premium

  • It would be funny if he did put a ad wan he say

  • im oddly excited for the video that is all ads

  • Wait when is this ad video coming out😂

  • This was more entertaining to watch than it should have been

  • Ok games like this are actually perfect it uses literal physics and displays them pretty well to be honest. You can tell someone, or a group took time to make it and they cared about its quality. It doesn’t have an annoying prize at the end of the tunnel, it’s just get from point a to point B. Like Sugar Mario, awesome in its simplicity but still a fun quality game. A tiny bit to ady but they still need to make a little bit of money and make better games and develop their skill. Not every game needs to be an annoyingly overstimulated cliché adventure to get people to play them and make money. Good games will be popular and make the standard for future games

  • 6:22 The design of that plant is ripped off of Chomper from Plants VS Zombies

  • haha you fool, i have premium, i will survive ALL THE ADS

  • I have SLflow premium, though... 😐

  • Markiplier I was grounded from my Xbox on my dad’s Xbox I’m a big fan of you that’s OK my SLflow channel called attack on titan God I play I have to plan mobile now

  • I don’t know why but I subscribed before I even watched one of your videos

  • i didn't get a single ad on this video and i don't even have ad block. lucky me :)

  • "Here's one now!" *SHIEN*

  • But but I have premium. I don't see any ads ever....

  • We need more!!!

  • Mark: "Here's an ad right now!" Ad: "Allow us to introduce ourselves."

  • Here's a pro tip if you wanna play peacefully, turn your wifi off before you start the game. 0 ads baby!! But you have to open your wifi if you want those free skins that you get when you watch an ad hehe. ✌🏻✌🏻

  • I'MFromTheFutureSoIfYouLikeMobileGamesJoinMeAndYou'ReGonnaBeLit!👽

  • I’m so dumb I tried pressed the x on the add for him

  • why don't I get ads??? I don't have premium but I don't get ads??

  • 9:42