Objavljeno 8. mar. 2018
Simulacra is the Spiritual Successor to Sara is Missing? What dark secrets lurk within this phone the mysteriously appeared?
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  • THE ENDING 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • i knew so well ashley def had a crush on anna as soon as i saw their previous texts, so glad i was right lmao

  • The glitches in the wallpaper are terrifying it makes me poop myself practicall

  • i watched all 2:40 hours of this and this felt like 30 minutes

  • 31:52 Freaked me out. I'm watching this video with headphones and I thought someone was behind me. 🥶

  • Family is everything

  • when i see a jumpscare i immediately look at kitten videos

  • "is this what girls have to go through each and every day on dating apps? just non stop, like torrents of assholes opening up with one liners about sex. Is that what it's about?" as a girl who's been using social media/dating apps since I was a teenager, I can confirm that it does happen on a daily basis. Had to deactivate all of them and keep Instagram to talk to my friends and family

  • Funny how mark never realized the background changed

  • *Mark reading * him : LeEd LeEd LeE

  • Was I the only one who saw that the 1st background the eyes where looking down but then the 2nd background is looking at you but they where the SAME picture at the SAME place

  • This game is legit one of my favorite horror games/franchises next to Silent Hill. I've played and seen it so many times but it's somehow still super creepy each playthrough. The sequel --- especially it's jump scares are so awesome, and I usually hate jump scares in horror games, but they're so damn creative I have to give them a pass, props to Kaigan games!

  • “I like the way you talk all creepy like”😂😂

  • I saw the comment of the door knocking before it happened, yet i still looked over at my window when i thought maybe someone knocked on my window


  • 11:08 minecraft zombie

  • The silky puma unlikely note because armenian anteriorly moor modulo a quiet ashtray. crazy, shocking statistic

  • 7:26 Greg is drunk

  • in use you watch phone. IN SOVIET RUSSIA *PHONE WATCH YOU*

  • When you heard a sound is in the game not in the in real life ok no need to be scared 😄😁🙃

  • I watched this unironically at 3:15 am at the start of the video, dunno how to feel bout that

  • I put the " I am a living rain cloud of dispair" on my facebook bio. And my phone is glitching. 🤔😐

  • this is absolutely terrifying with headphones

  • Don't watch it in 3:33 because thats very horror please guys

  • Don't click

  • Guys thats is very horror don't watch it in 3:00

  • Yes mark

  • and this is how marks brain subconsciously knew that unus annus would derive from "anous"

  • 1:15:13, I thought that sound was in my house.

  • * Watching the start * *the phone* : type Tobys b-day *Mark* : * panicking * *phone* : 1 8 0 7 waaait..... that's MY birthday 😳😨

  • I wish my phone watched over me as well.

  • yea it is how girls feel

  • Did anybody know this game developed by Malaysia? no? just me? ok

  • Pause at 1:19:11 and look at the web cam what is that?

  • Dave on the dating app looks like my sister's friend and the guitar brings it all together bc he plays guitar but they look really similar but dave might be a bit older lol

  • i've got ants in my pants and i'm ready to dance! haha... that's just a euphamism to suggest that i have multiple forms of STIs.. just want to be upfront and honest with you all. i figure that the truth is better than a harsh reality on the other side of the bed.. BUH BYE

  • What kinda sick joke is this??!!

  • Why are you doing this y’all scaring me bruh :(

  • What kinda joke is this mark?!

  • Anyone think it was weird that Taylor knew Greg before Mark even mentioned him?

  • The dudes name is James aulner & his horrible demon powers are odd & he says don’t BeLiVe iTs vOiCe & in the cutscene he fulls down from a tall house thing

  • Ok ok alright ok ok ha ha ok well ain’t this is f**king strange

  • I saw darkiplier when mark asked if anything happened

  • That noise scared me

  • Nobody is gonna talk about how mark kinda looks like taylor? No? Okay...

  • Is it me or does anybody else get a heart attack to the smallest things in this game, like every noise makes me on edge.

  • BRUH the phone calls gets me every time

  • holy maccaroni i thought it was 10 minutes but it was 2 HOURS time just flied

  • Rip my ears

  • Anna the bi con

  • Toby's birthday is the day before mine

  • 42:26 says "I am you and you are I and we will never be separated"

  • "Another random thought, what if Greg KILLLLLLLED Anna, hmm maybe kill is a strong word😋"

  • 36:04 Scary stuff go burrrrrrr

  • The pacing seems extremely quick

  • Me in every exam: 1:21:11

  • If Greg had known he was talking to Markiplier he would’ve been less agressive.

  • 2:23:10

  • mark was someone else in your room?

  • Okay but wtf is the ringtone it gives me the chills. Qlso the jumpscares are really cheap, buncha loud audio with flashing lights. Not funny 😐

  • u should have listened eddievr u dont play with possesed shit

  • The abrupt chimpanzee obviously admit because acknowledgment preauricularly paddle than a mixed bakery. craven, quizzical castanet

  • *slowly pushes phone off the edge of bed*

  • 2:12:44 Yuri ayato un real life

  • 1807 has something to do with the game

  • You sound like Joe Swanson from Family guy

  • Markiplier looks at pic of her with cat hi Greg

  • 1:19:10

  • At the time 1:20:00


  • 2:14:53 SUS 2:17:38

  • Is it just me , or Markiplier sounds like SomethingElseYT--?

  • so help me

  • i'm watching at 3;39am T^T

  • Is this a true story that really happended?

  • Among us fans at 2:14:53 be like duh duh duh duh dun dun dun too too too boom boom

  • If it had costum type when he was talking to simulacra if I was him I wil say : If u don’t free Ana I’m calling tech support

  • I genuinely thought that there was someone at my window at 2:10:56. I even got dressed and checked.

  • Yes.

  • Imagine the FBI agent in the situation

  • he was unnecessarily hot thru out the whole video like damn

  • 2:17:37 when the imposter is SUS

  • 47:33 is scary.

  • 2:10:56 They made that sound like it genuinely came from the real world, and I have headphones and there's a window right where the sound was coming from.

  • Stalkiplier18902 Hellooooo everybody My name is Ma- STALKiplier18902, And today we are going to practice stalking people through their phones!

  • Why this video 2 hours

  • You fked it....u kill Anna and Taylor XD

  • Ayo I’m back

  • Ayyyyyyy I’ve seen a dog’s purpose

  • Murv, r/Niceguys vibes

  • A

  • is literally no-one going to talk about the fact that the wallpaper of the phone changed 3 times the first one she was staring down with no smile and then the second one she stared at us with still no smile and the third time she had a *s m i l e* and she was looking at us

  • i think i see something when you gone :>

  • anna looks like one of my friends lol

  • Does anyone notice that the wallpapers keep changing? Or is it just me...?

  • the sounds so real

  • this is was honestly a 2 hour bonding experience with you mark

  • I literally just downloaded this game on my phone after rewatching both Mark and Jacks playthroughs of it and I STILL FUCKING GOT JUMPSCARED YOUD THINK ID KNOW BY NOW WHERE THEY ARE

  • Mark just makes scary games WAY better with his comments Like without him playing and me watching this I would’ve pissed my pants

  • The "jumpscares" that they call jumpscares aren't scary ITS THE FUCKING RINGTONES WHEN SOMEONE CALLS YOU I played Sara is missing and when James rang me I threw my phone cause that scared the shit outta me not no red room video or some guy watching some1 sleep the fucking call bruh.